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Smurfs' Village Android version 1.46.0 is live and available for download!

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    Hi, everyone.

    I just wanted to report that in the Grove when Papa gives quests to collect resources, specifically today it was 7 wood, the quest is not fulfilled by collecting resources from the trophy statues, Magician on the mainland, or train depot in the mountain.

    I seem to remember a previous report on this, but I couldn't locate it.

    Also, post update, I'm noticing very slow crop harvesting on the island. I'll have a chance to check again in 12 and 16 hours when both eggplant and chili peppers are ready. I wondered if it might be related to the server problem that was just resolved or if it might be something else. I'll keep an eye on it tomorrow.

    Loving the update so far. Made room for the new Smurfy Wonder and some new decorations.

    ETA: the Grove quest also did not recognize when I collected wood from Timber on the mainland, nor did it recognize any wood collected by the backhoe. The only time it registers that I collected for the quest was when I manually collected the digs on the mountain.

    also, the game is running slow again tonight.
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      Still waiting for update release with Amazon.


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        debbles smurf commented
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        The update is availabld on amazon

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      Thanks can't seem to find it when I check for updates none I am in the United States.


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        Thanks Debbie got it.


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          Hey Smurfs Villagers! We are currently running a Mother's Day contest and are giving away 600 Smurfberries in total!
          Check it out and have fun