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Happy Independence Day from everyone at Flashman and Bongfish!

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  • Happy Independence Day from everyone at Flashman and Bongfish!

    Happy Independence Day to all of our wonderful Players! Share this Smurfy greeting with your friends and family!

    Don't forget to also visit your Video Hut and check out our Extra Missions Sale with 3x the Smurfberries! Going on now through Wednesday July 5th at 9:00 AM PST

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    And to you all, Ms. Bee, and all my Smurfy friends in the USA!


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      And Happy 150th Canada on July 1 πŸ˜‰πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦


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        Happy Independence Day, American Smurfs!

        Happy late Canada Day, Canadian Smurfs!

        Hope all of you have a great time and wonderful, safe celebrations!

        (Please also think of scared pets. Your dog/cat might run away [if it can] when it's scared of fireworks and other pets might freak out, too. Let your little friends be safe as well. Just a gentle reminder because I know some people lost their pets because they ran away and got hit by cars )


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          I've been lucky to not have that happen, but I have a nervous chihauhaha that hasn't wanted to take a walk for days and who will be a nervous wreck all night tonight. She hates loud noises.
          THe animal shelters will be full to bursting tomorrow with all the animals that run away and get lost.


          • skydiver118
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            I wouldn't mind trying something if I could find it. I had got some pills from the vet but she seemed to have a reaction one time when I tried it, like she was having a hard time breathing, so I'm afraid to try it again. It could have just been her fighting the feeling of being drugged, I don't know. I was in petsmart the other day and looked at their calming drugs, but everything was so expensive that I hated to spend $20 on something that. may or may not work. If they'd had smaller packs I would have tried it.
            If I thought aroma therapy would work on her I already have lavender and chamomile oils.
            Usually I just try to reassure her and calm her. I'm hoping to take her out to the park tonight and let her get outside. Even if people are shooting off fireworks they shouldn't be doing them in the park, so it should be relatively calm for her. She has been essentially cooped up for the past week.

          • Evanna
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            Mh, yeah, both is possible. Could have been a genuine reaction or her fighting the feeling of something happening in her body and panicking. I think I'd be too scared to try the pills again as well. Ouch, okay. We sold 10ml bottles for about $7. Bach flowers supposedly are better than just chamomile or lavender, but I've never taken them myself and even if... All that homoeopathic stuff like that or valerian is different from person to person/animal to animal anyway. You have people who become the calmest one could possibly be after some valerian and other can chuck half the bottle/pill box and feel nothing.

            I hope you and your Nini can enjoy the walk and time outside! It surely will be nice to get some sun and feel the breeze and grass underneath her little feet. The worst should be over now. I'm not familiar with American holidays, but the next big thing probably is a few months away, isn't it? (Do people do fireworks on Thanksgiving? That's probably more quiet or 'just' has parades/street festivals?)

          • skydiver118
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            She did enjoy her walk last night. There were still a few fireworks going off but far less than the 4th.
            THe next big fireworks holiday would be new years - presuming some local sporting team doesn't go to a championship.
            Labor Day is the next major holiday but it's not a noisy one. Just picnics and summer t ype stuff.

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          Ooh I'm a bit late for this threadπŸ˜” but I was thinking of all in the USA on 4th of July. Hope you all enjoyed the celebrations.

          I was was thinking of all of you Canadians on 1July too. My daughter went to a celebration with Canadian friends and had a great time.

          Sorry I didn't jump in here. Belated best wishes and I hope you all celebrated in style.