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Smurfs' Village Android version 1.50.0 is live and available for download!

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  • Smurfs' Village Android version 1.50.0 is live and available for download!

    What's New in Version 1.50.0

    A Smurfy Golden Summer Update!

    - Trophy Smurf adds new items to old mini-games!
    - Collect all 8 new items and unlock the Golden Smurf Award!
    - New Island Water Expansion!
    - Michael the Leprechaun now in Mega Mystery Boxes!
    - New Summer and Water items!
    - Discover the first ever water wonder, the Lighthouse Island!

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    Just loaded the update.

    ​​​​​​One major issue is that I can no longer exit the game properly. I have to kill the process from the Task Manager while the game runs in the background.

    Specifically, the Back button, that is used to exit every application I run, no longer works to exit the game.

    Playing on Samsung Note 2 Android 4.4.2.
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    • Schtroumpfette
      Schtroumpfette commented
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      And, the problem has returned as of last night.

      Spelling Bee or Twinkiepie?

    • Twinkiepie
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      Stroumpfette Thank you for the report, we will be looking into this

    • Schtroumpfette
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      It's weird. It happens for a day, and then, it seems to disappear for awhile. Then it returns. Is this a server thing?

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    I have not had time to play any games yet, but the new prizes are added to

    Island games

    Karate and grandpa's game

    Main Village
    Stocking stuffer, balloon pop, detective, Scaredy's, Wild's and Chill's games

    There are a lot of golden menu items that are only unlocked if you purchase the Golden Coin Shop EO (and yay to them for labeling it an EO in the description, saves questions later)

    Trophy is 35 SB, the water expansion is 40

    THere is no easy way to say how much water you get since screen sizes are different but on mine I had my lighthouses with the tops invisible along the top water, now I can see the tops of those lighthouses....if that gives you any. idea how much more space you get. On the island land part, you just see more of the upper cliff wall

    The prizes that have been added to the games are available in both the free and SB rounds. You'll get htem eventually, but even after playing for a few days I only have 4 of them, so it's not something that will happen immediately.


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      Yeah, I have tried to play the games, nothing as yet, but I will keep trying


      • skydiver118
        skydiver118 commented
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        I've been playing since Monday and I only have 4 of the total 8 prizes so it takes time.

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      I finally got all 8 prizes on one of my devices. When you get it you have to journey back to the island and claim the statue.
      Place the statue and there will be a flag over it once a day...and it's like GameMaster, once every 24 hours, not once a day, so if you want to take advantage of the double coins and XP you need to plan. YOu will need to think and let it sit there until most or all of your mini games are ready to play because its' only good for an hour.

      WHen you're ready to play, go to the island and activate the golden smurf then play your mini games.
      I haven't been able to play them all - the 12/24 hour games weren't due when I activated the statue, but the bonus seems to effect every mini game in every area. Bear in mind, if the game doesn't award coins or XP then you don't get the bonus.

      Winning the 8 items is rather challenging. I've won them in both SB and normal rounds. and while I got all 8 on my ipod I still need 2 on my iPad, so there seems to be no pattern. Even more frustrating while I need to win 2 on my iPad, I have 3 fruit hat smurfs and 3 mirrors on the multiples of some prizes while others remain elusive.

      All I can suggest is to plug away at it. I woujldn't waste SB on trying to win unless you really want to. If you don't already have the trophy to half waiting time, I'd spend my berries on that (for 20 berries you get to cut waiting times in half on the island and main land, far better return on your investment than risking 5 SB rounds that may net you nothing).


      • chocolatefruitnut
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        do you win these prizes by playing the games as usual? either in the free or SB round?

        so essentially the Golden smurf hut just gives out 8 new prizes? as in 1 new award for each mini-game? do these new prizes give out XP?

        can you share how much bonus/ additional XP or coins does the golden smurf statue award?

        do you reckon its worth spending 35berries on this hut?


      • skydiver118
        skydiver118 commented
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        IT's one prize per game, so you have to play all 8 to get the set
        They are in the free or SB round. So no need to waste berries if you don't want to
        The ease of getting them is very random. Some get them quickly, some are still working on it. YOu can win multiples of the prizes....I have 5 from the detective game.
        The new prizes do not give out XP. YOu may get a small amount for placing them but there is no daily bonus.

        Once you get all 8, travel to the island, redeem and place the golden smurf statue. Once you activate the 'golden hour', the XP and Coins are doubled on games you play. THat's all that's doubled...but say you win 10,000 XP from get 20,000

        I would say it's worth the 35 berries to get the hut. YOu do need to plan when you activate the golden hour becuase if you activate it and none of your games are ready to play, you've wasted it becuase you can't activate it again for another 24 hours.

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      So far, I only have two prizes: I won the exploding gift box from the sock game on the first try, and after several plays the mirror from grandpa. That's it. The games don't really like me, it seems. (Just like GM's boxes... I still need 14 items from those.)

      Congrats, Skydiver, that you now have all prizes and good luck on getting the missing two on your other device soon!


      • Y3nzid_Raxip
        Y3nzid_Raxip commented
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        Oh Chilly's game is on my last nerve lol... I'm still trying for the Ermine over a year already. Those dogs drive me nuts too. But the new reward for chilly I got fairly quickly in the free round if that helps any.

      • skydiver118
        skydiver118 commented
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        Detective and Wild are the two I need....and on my other device, I won detective's prize 4 times.

        The randomness gets frustrating at times.

        On my iPod I have 2 ermines but cannot get that danged sheep from Chilly. I've been trying for years.

        Since they did the golden smurf thing, here's hoping that tweaking game prizes is on the todo list. I have probably delete thousands of sunflowers and vanities. any prize that I win that doesn't give XP, well I have to really like it to keep it. YOu can't keep them all. FIrst, you'll run out of room and even if you buy the storage hut, you're just filling it with clutter so why waste berries buying something to have somewhere to store prizes you don't want that are worthless?

      • Evanna
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        The new rewards, or rewards in general actually, seem so different for everybody. Some get all/a few prizes very quickly, others get them after months or years. My friend got Scaredy's sheep within less than five SB rounds and won two or three more in the few rounds she played after that. I spent way more for it (but it wasn't a crazy amount) and still only have one. It's okay though because at least I have one.

        I won't really try for the sheep or ermine anymore. I'd probably only end up wasting hundreds of SB on more dogs. If I had a berry bug okay, but I'm not wasting earned SB on that. Sure, I might play a few more times over the course of time, but I'm not actively trying to get them.

        On the one hand, that's annoying. On the other hand, you at least have the prizes somewhere. Might be a nicer feeling than missing certain prizes on both devices?

        I feel like Chilly's game is the most frustrating one for everyone :/

        Same. I only keep xp items and even those are mostly stored. But all the sunflowers, vanities, blue and red mushrooms, wooden beds, etc? Place and delete. I kept a few of each in my storage should I want them for deco purposes, but I won't clog any storage with useless items (I can buy for a few coins).

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      Having trouble getting the last two Gimmicks, the ones from the Karate Kick and the Spot the Differences island mini-games. I play those several times per day.
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      • Morning Sky
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        Green: here something disappears
        Yellow: here the color changes
        Blue: something appears here
        Red: something changes the shape
        Pink: here appears a delicious burger [/ quote]

      • Schtroumpfette
        Schtroumpfette commented
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        Thank you for the suggestions. I truly appreciate them.

        Yes, if I play Chilly in the SB round, I have trouble with it. The first round I do okay. Also Scaredy's Memory Game is hard for me if I play the second round, so mostky, I don't.

        I will stop playing the Spot-the-difference game the minute I get that last
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      • skydiver118
        skydiver118 commented
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        Yeah, as soon as I win that danged sheep I will quit playing chilly's SB round.
        I'm down to needing detective's gimick on my iPad. WHa'ts frustrating? I have 5 of them on my iPod.
        But right now my detective is giving out really crummy prizes. XP and resources even in the SB round, so a bummer to play

        BUt it'll happen eventually. At least with a trophy I can try every 3 hours or so, or burn through some ads if I want to.

        The golden status bonus is nice, but I'd imagine a bigger boost for those at lower levels. Double XP and Coins are nice, but I have tens of millions of coins and I'm in the 80's so even doubling every XP from every game doesn't do much overall...not just for one round of play per day.

        It is a fun challenge and nice to see the creativity from Bongfish. Very nice. Just not something that has a massive benefit for players in the higher levels.

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      Congrats! I finally won my last gimmick from Smurfette's Balloon Pop game.
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