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Sneak Peek at the content of the Smurfs’ Village iOS and Android version 1.67.0 Wizard Update (Mountain)

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  • Sneak Peek at the content of the Smurfs’ Village iOS and Android version 1.67.0 Wizard Update (Mountain)

    Greetings, citizens of the wizarding Smurfs' Village!🔮

    Hop on your broomsticks and get ready to fly, to an enchanted Mountain so high! Add a touch of wizardry and magic to your village so bright, Smurfs casting spells on Gargamel until he takes fright. Now listen carefully to this adventure you seek, it’s time for another smurfy Sneak Peek!
    Please Note: Have fun with our guessing games, but don't forget to use the Spoiler tags! If you are not sure how to use the Spoiler Tags, you can learn more about them and practice in this topic

    🧙 An apprentice adds a touch of magic to your Mountain area! 🧙
    • Unlock 6 magical items with his unique hut!

    🗝️ A magical wardrobe for our favorite female Smurf! 🗝️
    • Which new costume could it be?

    🌌🐴Stardust in the Mega Mystery Boxes!🐴🌌
    • Which flying mythical creature could hide in there? You will find out soon!

    🏰 A Smurfy new Wonder 🏰
    • Best.Wonder.Ever.! What could it be?

    🔮 Many new magic themed items 🔮
    • Make space for enchanted furniture, wizarding sheep and magical greenery!

    🦉 Exclusive Offers such as 🦉
    • A special Hut to unlock unique magical birds! Hootastic!
    • We are celebrating 60 years of Smurfs! Add a smurfy touch of vintage to your village with 2 exclusive anniversary offers!
    • A beautifully designed tower for wizards only!

    ✨Smurfy new features such as✨
    • Daily Reward Calendar change to actual Calendar Days
    • We added a few different Rewards to 3 older Mini-Games. More details will follow!
    • A Mountain Expansion to the South!
    • Place 1 to 2 more staircases to the Stone Cliffs on your Mountain area!
    • A new Max Level (140)
    • Older Exclusive Offers added to the Rarity Shop. More details will follow!

    **Please note** Despite our best intentions, it is possible that some of the update contents may change before it is submitted. We hope you understand.

    • Our update is expected to be released next week! Please note that this is just an estimate and may be subject to any unforeseen delays.
    • A magical Screenshot Contest is on its way! Yay!
    • Smurfy Giveaways await you!

  • #2
    Images from ‘Fantasia’ and the Sorceror’s Apprentice music running through my head as I clear a space ready on the mountain! Looking forward to this!


    • #3
      This sounds like so much fun. Smurfs meet Harry Potter....within the confines of copyright law of course.
      The mountain is a great place since we already have dragons, where better to put wizards and castles..

      And new mini game prizes, woohoo.


      • #4
        Love the sound of this update 💙💙💙💙💙💙


        • #5
          This looks amazing, I can't wait for it. 😍


          • #6
            the next theme is magic! it's great that Bongfish added another medieval related theme to the mountain. castles, dragons, and magic!! i love them all!


            • #7
              I’m most excited about the 50 year celebration anniversary offers! And I really hope that Gargamel’s Great Book of Spells finally makes it to the game with this magical update!


              • AlleycatttSmurf
                AlleycatttSmurf commented
                Editing a comment
                Yes please!! We NEED the Great Book of Spells in the game!!☺️☺️☺️🙏

            • #8
              💡#Older Exclusive Offers added to the Rarity Shop#🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa🌷🌼🌷❤❤❤💗💕❤💕💖❤❤❤


              • #9

                A hut unlocking stuff sounds good!
                I wonder if the wizarding sheep in the description means there will be two?

                Not sure how I feel about the anniversary items being EOs. On the one hand, it works because they are special and extra and not needed/integral, on the other hand it would be nice if everybody got to celebrate.

                Best wonder ever when talking about magic? Well, that'd be Hogwarts, but that isn't going to happen 😂

                Mountain expansion, yay! I will glady take additional space.
                New prizes for old games sounds good, too!
                I wonder about the Rarity Shop items. It's great more stuff is getting added to it.


                • #10
                  Ooooooooh! MAGIC! Merlin...Harry Potter....? This sounds good. And a great addition to the castle theme on the mountain.
                  Expansion is much needed. 😃
                  Adding new items to games and the rarity shop. 😃

                  Hogwarts would be the best wonder ever Evanna. But no...not happening. 😣😂


                  • #11
                    I knew a new update was on the horizon when I was happy to actually see some of my friends this morning, but couldn’t gift them because the old “different version” bug. Happens every single time when we’re getting closer to an update!

                    The still existing friends bugs are extremely frustrating. On most days I see none or maybe two, that’s it. What happened to “the bug will be fixed” from a couple of updates ago? Or am I the only one still plagued by these issues?


                    • #12
                      New prizes to the older games yippee, I am not really into magic stuff, but I am very pleased for the ones who are.❤️❤️


                      • #13
                        Could be some really cool items coming! 🎉💃😁


                        • #14
                          Always thrilled to be getting new stuff for the Mountain! The wizard theme sounds cute and will fit in well with the medieval stuff, dragons, and magic potions.
                          And the missing staircase/tunnel areas are being added! Woohoo! Thank you! I'll be able to work on my train tracks now.

                          (and thank you for changing the wording of the expansion description, "southern" is much more clear for those of us who are spatially challenged.😄😘)


                          • #15
                            I’m most excited about the new features! 🤩 A revamped daily rewards calendar, older minigames getting new prizes, new Rarity Shop items and the staircase issue on the mountain is fixed - yaaay 🎉🤩🤩 Also can’t wait to see the ‘best wonder ever’ and the anniversary offers! 😍🤩