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Sneak Peek at the contents of the Smurfs’ Village iOS and Android version 1.76.0 Easter update!

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  • Sneak Peek at the contents of the Smurfs’ Village iOS and Android version 1.76.0 Easter update!

    Dear Smurfs’ Villagers,
    The Easter holidays are coming soon and with them an Easter update with a smurfy Tie Dye look! Get ready for colorful decorative items and build one of the most smurftastic Wonders ever! Celebrate with us and have fun with this smurfy Sneak Peek!🤩

    Note: Don’t forget to use the Spoiler tag: Spoiler and /spoiler with [before and] after each guess! To practice learning how to use the Spoiler Tags, you can check out this topic here:

    🎨 A smurftastic Tie Die Smurf will love into the Main Village with the rest of your Smurfs!🖌️
    • Save up your Smurfberries! This Smurf unlocks 8 beautiful items that will add some extra color to your village!

    🐰 Our favorite female Smurf stuns us with her Bunny Rider Costume! 🐇
    • Ready.Set.Smurf!

    📜 A canonical character for the Mega Mystery Boxes!🏺
    • Who could this ancient sculptor be? Watch the smurfy cartoon episode “Hogapatra’s Beauty Sleep” and see!

    🌲 A smurfy new Wonder for the Main Village!🐦
    • We can’t wait for you to build this colorful and natural Wonder to see its beauty for yourself!

    🛍️ Exclusive Offers such as 🛒
    • A spectacular Paint a tree Hut, Easter Fuzzle Trouble, a hut right in time for Easter and more!

    ✨Smurfy features✨
    • 2 new Paint Packs picked by one of our smurfy artists! (Pastel and Glow)
    • A new max Level!
    • Many new decorative items!
    • Painter Smurf’s Hut now in all areas (Players who already purchased the rainbow pool, the fountain and architect on the Island in the past, will get his huts as complimentary gift and can also keep the old items. The Fountain and the Rainbow Pool will turn into decorative items!)

    **Please note** Despite our best intentions, it is possible that some of the update contents may change before it is submitted. We hope you understand.

    • Our update is expected to be released THIS week! Please note that this is just an estimate and may be subject to any unforeseen delays.
    • We have our huge Smurfs‘ Village Contest coming soon…
    • Watch out for a smurfy Giveaway with smurfs.official to win smurfy merchandise!

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    it seems it's going to be a colour-themed update. i'm especially looking forward to see the newly added paints🎨🎨🎨 hope it'll be a colourful and beautiful update!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤


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      New colors!!! My dream came true so fast!


      • AlleycatttSmurf
        AlleycatttSmurf commented
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        I’m excited about this too😅😅😅👏👏👏

      • Shirin
        Shirin commented
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        Me too. 🎨🎨🎨

      • Purple!
        Purple! commented
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        We can never have enough new paint colors!!!

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      🌈🌈🌈🌈Waaahoooo 😀👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻yes 😀happy dance 💃🏼🌸🌸💃🏼🙏🏻 colors💛🧡❤️💗💜💙💚 news ... 😊😍I'm more than a little bit happy -I'm looking forward to it with a big laugh on my face😀😀😀😀😍😍😍😍😍🌈🌈🌈🌈thank you bongfish🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🙏🏻🙏🏻
      it's a bit sad that many of my favorite items from the lost village gone, especially the bunnies 🐰and masked Smurfs are close to my heart 💛but not crying, looking forward to the new things ... 😄that's the best thing in life and with this nice update bongfish is already there👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🌈🌈🙏🏻😍👏🏻
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        With all the joy about new colors and all the beautiful things announced -
        What's all this nonsense about shutting down the rainbow spring, the architect and the paint fountain and instead "giving away" an additional painter's hut on each area (I call it forcing it on) - as if we didn't already have less enough space! And not a word about land expansions! Where to place all the new stuff??? It's not enough to give us new wonders, EOs, items and huts but no land expansions where all that can find room. That's no fun anymore! Hoping for more land I already have EOs in my storage. But I don't want to buy EOs to hide them.
        Or is it an april fool’s joke,
        Last edited by Morning Sky; 04-01-2019, 10:20 AM.


        • AlleycatttSmurf
          AlleycatttSmurf commented
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          I really like your take on this skydiver118 , and you are right - we are lucky that they chose to gift us the Huts, and we are also lucky that the Bongfish team seems so motivated and dedicated to keeping this game we all love so much alive and thriving!!

        • Morning Sky
          Morning Sky commented
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          I understand these reasons. Yet I am sad. Doesn't it make the charm of a game to learn things by building the village and finding out how something works? You shouldn't just let yourself be served!
          Isn't it boring when everything looks the same in the different areas!

        • skydiver118
          skydiver118 commented
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          Morning Sky I do get exactly where you are coming from.

          I do have. no passionate feelings either way, but can see the fun in having uniqueness in each area.

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        I kind of agree with Morning Sky about the Painter's Hut... If the painting items become decorative only we are forced to place the hut if we want to use the colours. I'd much rather have the choice whether or not I get to keep my painting items or want to place another hut I may not want in that area... It may be a cute hut, but I don't necessarily want to add huts to all areas.

        Slightly confused about pastel and glow colours, too... don't we already have neon and pastel? I wonder what colours we'll get since we already sort of have palettes for that? Personally, I'd have preferred strong colours, like dark green, dark blue, dark purple, etc.

        'Natural wonder' sounds good. Not sure how it will be both natural and colourful, but I'm fond of nature themed things, so yay.


        • Spelling Bee
          Spelling Bee commented
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          Evanna, please see my reply to Morning Sky above regarding the Painter Huts. As for the colors, the ones getting added are entirely new shades, which when you see them you'll notice the differences.

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        The update sounds great. Looking forward to the new color packs. 😃

        Although I agree with Evanna . Darker colors would be great. Maybe sometime soon? Please?

        Also some land additions would be appreciated. Don’t know where I’m going to put the Easter decorations in my MV which sound like fun! 🤔🤔
        Maybe more seasonal things (huts included) can be made storable? As well as more of the villains and their houses? Also make the Wonders (Corrects. thx Alleycattsmurf! I did mean wonders not EOs 🤦🏻‍♀️ Space is always an issue.) when stored still able to acquire the smurfberries?
        Last edited by Lilly; 04-01-2019, 02:28 PM.


        • AlleycatttSmurf
          AlleycatttSmurf commented
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          Lilly I think you mean that we should get the sb from Wonders when stored (not EO’s)?

          If you did I agree - this would help with the space issue immensely!!🤗🤗🤗

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        Interesting....I love new huts so am quite happy with that element and the new wonder sounds great. Like Evanna I love nature related things for the village. Neon isn’t me I would also prefer stronger colours.....and is there a new game?? We haven’t had one for ages.
        but thanks bongfish I am looking forward to this update.


        • Cupcake
          Cupcake commented
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          Hey, asmurf- the description says ‘glowing’, so I’m hoping that means they glow at night!

        • asmurf
          asmurf commented
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          Ah true.....hope you are right🐙👍

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        Re. paint smurf and the harvest guy, I can understand Beeline’s original reasoning.. because to have them in multiple areas means they must be quintuplets. Five of the same smurf breaks with logic (make them cousins? Slight design variations?)

        Re. space/land area, I wish an expansion was available with every update, but I understand that it’s not possible. Redecorating can be annoying, but it’s also a new opportunity. I’ve ended up happier with my overall design when trying to accomodate new things. In fact, it annoys me that most wonders are quite small ( Spelling Bee expect to be moderating a new idea soon 😅)


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          ​​​I'm excited for this update. Lovng the idea of new paint packs.
          I have a question for Spelling Bee and/or Twinkiepie . Will coloring components on the island still require us to spend dye to do it? It's the only village area that functions that way, and I generally don't do a lot of painting and repainting because of the dye overhead.

          So my updated question for Spelling Bee or Twinkie pie is: will the paint supplies that Morning Sky pointed out be required to eliminate the dye requirement on the island for players who didn't previously purchase Architect's hut?

          ETA: corrected SB to dye and changed the question
          Last edited by Schtroumpfette; 04-03-2019, 03:05 PM.


          • Morning Sky
            Morning Sky commented
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            Painting on island costs dye, not SB. Except you have this item:

          • Schtroumpfette
            Schtroumpfette commented
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            Morning Sky, Ah, yes. I meant dye.

            When were the paint supplies added? I totally missed them.

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          New paint??? Color my world happy!!! 💙💜❤️🧡💛💚


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            All the new EO’s sound awesome, but the paintable tree hut is the highlight!


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              Very excited and looking forward as always to the updates but is it to late for Bongfish to add to this update a land expansion as well in the MV? Like Morningsky mentioned it really is needed especially in the MV of all the lands that’s the one I personally always need more space, as of right now I have a tiny small area left for this update but after that I’m afraid I’ll be completely out of space. I already had to put my little airport section in storage to make more space a few updates ago when the space was needed for the new items. I guess what I’m trying to say it’s kinda of no fun when you have to break up your sections that you have built to make so lovely because of lack of more space but I understand this might be something harder to add for Bongfish. I have no idea what’s involved with cost to the game every time Bongfish adds land expansions but maybe Bongfish can explain it to us so we kinda understand a little bit better how this works.
              As always thank you to Bongfish for making the game better and better with each update, it’s truly appreciated 💙♥️💙


              • ChristineB
                ChristineB commented
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                Thank you Cupcake for your insight it has been very helpful! I didn’t look at from that perspective meaning I didn’t realize that more land expansions meant that it could potentially affect players with older devices or less memory availability. I completely understand where you’re coming from, I also I’m an older player as well way back from the beginning and yes you do have a point that sometimes it can seen we are greedy with having more! I personally I’m cool with not having so many land expansions if it’s going to affect players with less memory or older devices even potential new players I also want to see the game continue to grow and move forward for years to come. Maybe Bongfish could take a poll and see where we are at with the players priority or preference if they had to choose from having land expansions which area would they prefer we might be surprise with the results. I personally have always prefer land expansions in the MV versus the other areas. Maybe from the poll results Bongfish could implement a system where we don’t have to get land expansions with every update and just focus on the poll results and see where we are at and then at that point they could just do it in the order of the poll results but instead of every month maybe every other month or every 2 months? I don’t know I’m just brainstorming - lol
                @Bongfish what do you guys think??? I would love 💙 to hear what Bongfish thinks 🤔🤔🤔 Maybe Twinkiepie or Spelling Bee could chime in 🤗
                Thanks! Any other suggestions you guys might have I would love to hear what you all think! Have a Smurfy day everyone! 💙🤗🤗🤗💙
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              • ChristalWest
                ChristalWest commented
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                Or, if we could get storage for XP items and still earn the XP, we could clear up a lot of extra content like multiples of sheep, trees, etc. that earn high XP. I think a lot of folks keep XP-generating items out even if it adds nothing decoratively.

              • SolipsismSmurf
                SolipsismSmurf commented
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                couple more land expansions in main village and we’ll need to buy the patented smurfs’ village magnifying glass to see stuff when zoomed out :O :P

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              Woohoo! More colors! Can’t wait to see! 🌈 ❤️🌈🧡🌈💛🌈💚🌈💙🌈💜🌈


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                More sneak peeks please