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Classic Exclusive Offer Sales Event: 24hrs May 25th – 26th 2019

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  • Classic Exclusive Offer Sales Event: 24hrs May 25th – 26th 2019

    πŸ“’ We're having a Classic Exclusive Offer Sales Event. This will be a perfect opportunity to obtain the Smurfy Magical Springs🌊, Garden Shop🏑, Mushroom ShopπŸ„, Arborist Smurf's Hut🌲, Item Exchange HutπŸ’° and Miller Smurf's Hut🍞!

    ❗️ The sales event will be broken up into two rounds, with each round lasting 12 hours. During the rounds, each Exclusive Offer will be made available for a 2-hour window. If you miss the first round, you'll have a second chance later in the day during round 2!

    ⏰ The Sales Event starts on Saturday, May 25th, 2019. Please see the schedule for exact times. All times shown are in UTC and can be converted here:

    ⚠️Please Note: We are continually making adjustments to the Exclusive Offer Sale System to improve the countdown timer accuracy and offer availability windows.

    πŸ›‘ If you do not see any Exclusive Offers, please make sure you are connected to a strong Cellular or Wi-Fi signal. Please also try traveling from the Main Village to another area (such as the Island, Mountain, Planet, or Grove) to check and see if one appears there.

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    Yesss! Finally! This is clutch. I need the Relaxation Hut, as well, I wish that would go on sale. I'm just going to spring for it, though, because I'm at a stand still. :-/ Thanx Bongfish, you are the greatest.


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      I will never understand why this has timers and countdowns on it. Just offer them any time ingame. So many ppl want this stuff, but you make them be online to specific times and to have money on specific days. makes no sense to me. what if sb wants more of them but is not able to afford them within 24h? What if you don't play on weekends cuz you spend time with your family? What can be a reason to make it that exclusive when you can earn money all the time and give players the freedom to purchase whenever they want? It's a lose-lose-situation.


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      And I also don't get the time. UTC 15 is CET 17 the same day? You expect a lot of planning from us for some exclusive offers. It's confusing. Hope i won't miss it. And why you do this in the end of a month? Most students and kids are out of money by now. xD