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📢 We're having a Hut and Shop Exclusive Offer Sales Event. This will be a perfect opportunity to obtain Arborist Smurf's Hut🌳, Mushroom Shop🍄, Garden Shop🥗, Pathway Tile Shop🔲, Antique Shop🕰, and Miller Smurf's Hut🌾!

❗️ The sales event will be broken up into two rounds, with each round lasting 12 hours. During the rounds, each Exclusive Offer will be made available for a 2-hour window. If you miss the first round, you'll have a second chance later in the day during round 2!

⏰ The Sales Event starts on Saturday, June 22nd, 2019. Please see the schedule for exact times. All times shown are in UTC and can be converted here:

⚠️Please Note: We are continually making adjustments to the Exclusive Offer Sale System to improve the countdown timer accuracy and offer availability windows.

🛑 If you do not see any Exclusive Offers, please make sure you are connected to a strong Cellular or Wi-Fi signal. Please also try traveling from the Main Village to another area (such as the Island, Mountain, Planet, or Grove) to check and see if one appears there.

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