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    Can I transfer my game through SmurfID from IPad to Android device?


    • Twinkiepie
      Twinkiepie commented
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      Hey Shirin. Please message me and we can go through options on what to do for you!

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    While everyone assumed that Apple wanted to discontinue GameCenter and had greatly reduced its functions, things are now looking different again. With the latest IOS updates, GameCenter has been rebuilt. It is now again possible to invite friends in the GC and manage the friends list.


    • skydiver118
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      Actually no one was assuming anything, Apple DID start to shut it down. They removed leaderboards and the ability to manage friends and invite people. They told developers to make their own friending systems and Game Center was basically good for nothing but backing up the game. Then Apple changed their minds and decided to get into the subscription gaming market and reversed their stance on Game Center, reactivating old features and adding new ones.

      I’ve had to deactivate it because the Apple ID I use for my main game is not the Apple ID I have on my device (the way to have multiple versions of the game was to have multiple IDs) and Apple would sign me out of my game, causing it to open the wrong game weekly. (Apple also wants you to have 2 factor authentication which makes managing multiple accounts very difficult) and I feared corruption or the loss of my game...and it’s all down to Apple being rather indecisive.