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  • Chat noir
    AlleycatttSmurf cosmickitten Cupcake ejic12 happybird HappySmurf Paulb Irene GR IslandLife ChristineB Lilly Purple! Shirin skydiver118 Stroumpfette Tamara Abbott Unicorn Smurf yosinori saitou ....and almost certainly more when I think of them!

    All animals are pretty marvellous: in particular, we spend a fortune feeding our garden birds and are rewarded by huge numbers, wonderful birdsong, and babies galore in spring! They make our window-view of the garden magical. And make short shrift of the greenfly that try and infest our plants!

    In my village, I love the new addition of pizza-eating turtles, with their important message: PIZZA ON EARTH !!!
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  • Unicorn Smurf
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    So cute!! 🐰💙

  • Unicorn Smurf
    Ooohhh!! I need this rabbit!! He went missing from my village over the years, and I would be overjoyed to have him back. 💕🐰

    Spiders! How many of you cannot even believe I am placing them in the category of pet and something that should be appreciated and respected? First, this is an arachnid who, with 8 legs and up to 8 eyes, sadly has a very bad reputation throughout the world. The hate and fear that many people feel toward them is unnecessary; let me explain why.

    I had a Chilean Rose-Haired Tarantula as a pet once upon a time. She was very peaceful and wanted nothing to do with harming me. She spent her days making a carpet of soft and silky webbing across her enclosure floor, and her favorite food was crickets (not humans!) In all the years she and I spent together, she never once tried to bite me. Never once did she sneak out in the middle of the night to suck my blood while I was sleeping. She was a terrific friend and was a great source of entertainment and wonder. Her pink coloring paired with her very short and fine hairs made her a true masterpiece to enjoy everyday; she was incredibly stunning!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	7C6663E3-8768-4CDE-8091-1C425F416280.jpeg Views:	16 Size:	121.3 KB ID:	247615

    Spiders are a wonderful group who inhabit this planet right along with us. They do so many good things for humans. Spiders eat nasty disease-bearing mosquitoes (who likes them, really?) They also eat flies and roaches, two of the most disgusting insects known to us that can be found in our own homes! Humans are not a source of food for spiders, and they will only bite when they feel threatened and/or are being handled roughly. Many spiders do not even have the ability to bite us unless their fangs are pressed down onto our skin (by us sitting on them, for example.) Further more, spiders certainly outnumber humans; wouldn’t all of us be able to say that we survived a spider attack if they were really so dangerous and out to get us?

    Spiders also eat the very pests that can harm our food sources found in crops. Without spiders we would surely have less food to eat as crops would be destroyed by these pests. Not having enough food, now that’s a scary thought!

    One other reason spiders are so amazing is because many of them spin webs that rival any human artist’s ability to create incredible artwork. Watching a spider spin a web is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things to do. When it catches the sunlight, the web produces sparkly shiny shimmery lines of detailed and intricate weaving. So gorgeous not to mention incredibly strong!

    So, the next time you see a spider, if it’s outside, please let it be. If it’s in your home, please think about capturing it in a cup and placing it outside if weather permits. If not, it can live with you harmoniously, no need to kill it. Spiders deserve our respect and appreciation; they work hard for us to not only protect our food supply, but to rescue us from far worse dangers than they are. They are beautiful and remarkable creatures and even, dare I say, cute (just look at the bold jumper!) 🤗🕷🕸

    Click image for larger version  Name:	47F0AC74-2F24-4436-880A-CF8317A1D55D.jpeg Views:	14 Size:	291.8 KB ID:	247616

    Here are the friends who I would love to hear from and see what pets/animals they love the most:

    Cupcake. yosinori saitou. Purple! Alex Smurf. AlleycatttSmurf. Caro. HappySmurf. Teddybear 04. ejic12. happybird. cosmickitten. Shirin. Slatour71. Stroumpfette. IslandLife. Chat noir. Lilly. TWOSHY. Tenny. Tamara Abbott.DharmaSmurf. FaryalSia. Tokenxx. Silver. asmurf. Morning Sky. skydiver118.
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  • Twinkiepie
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    So adorable Thank you for sharing this

  • skydiver118
    Spelling BeeMorning Sky I tag the aforementioned and reserve the right to add others.

    This is so cool cause I had the opportunity to have baby bunnies in my yard this year. Bit of a challenge with a dog that thinks they are chew toys but they were cute. Four little ones that grew up in the yard then went off to parts unknown. The fun thing, up to a certain age they have no fear of humans and since mama isn’t around they can be visited (I largely did it to make sure they were OK and to leave them alone while I did yard work around them.
    Click image for larger version

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  • Twinkiepie
    started a topic Join our Rabbit Day Giveaway!

    Join our Rabbit Day Giveaway!

    Dear Smurfs' Villagers! Our forum is finally back and with it an extra smurfy Giveaway that we had planned for the 28th of September, on National Rabbit Day!

    🐰 Learn about Rabbit Day 🐰

    "Held on the fourth Saturday or Sunday of September, this annual celebration of the long-eared, short-tailed mammal is not just in the name of the millions of bunnies kept as pets across the Western world but aims to promote a serious message about animal welfare.

    On Rabbit Day we are encouraged to consider, not only the companionship offered by our favorite hutch-dwellers, but the various ways in which rabbits are harmed by medical and cosmetic testing, hunting, fur farming and, of course, casseroling.
    Yes, there is a serious side to Rabbit Day but you may not be surprised to learn that events are somewhat sporadic – so let your bunny out of its hutch and give it an extra carrot or two"


    How to join the Giveaway

    1️⃣ Tag your smurfy forum friend/friends of choice
    2️⃣ Let us know about your favorite pets/animals and why we should appreciate them
    3️⃣ (Optional and not necessary to join Giveaway) Show us your animals of choice from your smurfy ingame village!


    We are giving away a blue Easter Bunny to 15 lucky winners! So tag your friends and make sure that they see this Giveaway!