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Important Announcement: Developer Update regarding known issues currently affecting version 1.86.0

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  • Important Announcement: Developer Update regarding known issues currently affecting version 1.86.0

    Hi everyone. First, we would like to thank the community for your patience and understanding as we work to fix the issues introduced with the new User Interface and improve it going forward. As a reminder, no matter what trouble you are having, please DO NOT attempt to delete and reinstall your app. Doing this could cause your progress to become lost permanently.

    Second, if you are experiencing any of the problems listed below, there is no need to submit a ticket with our Customer Support Team. We are working to fix them as quickly as possible, and have currently scheduled our next update to arrive on or around November 21st, so you don't have to wait too long.

    Third, we are very aware that such a drastic change to the game's User Interface has been challenging for some members of the community. For those of you who are upset with the changes, please know that this is a work in progress, and it will be refined and improved with time. This new UI and a few other changes yet to come are all being done to help keep Smurfs' Village current with other mobile games, and ensure that it will continue to thrive for many years to come. We humbly ask you to please give it a chance and in time, we hope you agree with us that it was worth the effort.

    The currently known issues are as follows:
    • User Interface elements such as icons and images appear blurry/fuzzy and are hard to see/read.
    • Can not claim Free Mystery Box because the Free/Key Mystery Box icon is greyed out in the Game Master Mini-Menu if you don't have enough keys to tap on it.
      • A workaround for this to tap on the Mega Mystery Box icon if you have at least 60 Smurfberries. This will take you to the full Game Master Menu where you can collect the Free Mystery Box.
    • Can not Gift select Resources to friends in certain areas due to an incorrect "Needs Seed From Friend" message.
    • Can not log in to Facebook Account (ongoing problem still being worked on.)
    • Can not tap on User Interface Buttons to access Menus on select Android devices.
    • Can not see Message In a Bottle Rewards.
    • Certain Paints that were previously unlocked are now locked again in the Mountain, Planet, and Grove.
    • Recently made progress can potentially be lost when the Game Master Button disappears from the bottom right corner.
    • Some Exclusive Rewards are missing from their screens (Tourist Smurf's Hut, etc.)
    • Crop Timers / Countdown Timers not accurate.
    • Father Time's Clock Tower cannot be reset with Smurfberries.
    • User Interface issues with placing/collecting Dives, Digs, and Craters.
    • Smurfy Wonder shows Smurfberry can be collected but there is no icon (The Smurfberry eventually shows up.)
    • Can't use the Crystal Grinder / Pop-up message stating that Geologist Smurf's Hut is required.

    For all other issues, it is okay to submit a Customer Support Ticket as well, but please be patient as ticket response times are higher than usual.

    Thank you, the Bongfish and PopReach Teams

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    Thanks Spelling Bee If I could add, with Game Master even if you do have enough keys there is no reminder that your daily box is ready. I had honestly forgotten to collect the daily prize until I read here ‘oh yeah, should do that’. So even if you do have enough keys there’s no visual reminder that the daily prize is ready.

    I’ve also found on my ipod that the button for Fireman to collect regularly (not pay SB for the bonus) is off the bottom of the screen, so I have to scroll when I use Fireman or Anteater on my ipod.

    I’ve also had issues with stuttering and planting the wrong crops when I’m trying to scroll to a choice....there’s no real non-selection area so when you try to scroll you run the risk of planting what you don’t want to. (It’s happened to me 3-4 times in the past day)

    A lot of the rest is getting used to it. It is significantly slower in many ways. The second or so it takes that interface to fly out from the right may not seem like a lot but when you’re harvesting and resetting 12 craters it does take longer than it used to.

    I do think this interface takes more resources than the old one. I’ve already set my Mini 4 to low res to try to help with the stuttering and micro-freezes.

    I post this with full respect and as constructive crit, not whining or complaining.


    • skydiver118
      skydiver118 commented
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      Alex Smurf
      It’s just something we’ll have to get used to. Maybe Popreach can consider in the future making a simplified version where the new menus pop up instead of fly in, so in addition to a high res/low res version there can also be a motion/no motion for the future as a way to accommodate older devices.

    • Spelling Bee
      Spelling Bee commented
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      Thanks skydiver118 & Alex Smurf. I'll be sure to pass everything along to the Team.

    • FaryalSia
      FaryalSia commented
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      Also digging on the planet has gotten more annoying. Only farming stardust, but the menu resets to the top so I have to scroll down to stardust again. Either stardust should be at the top, or like before, the menu takes you back to where you were last. I wish the number of swoofs would also carry over from the last dig placed rather than me having to punch the + sign 10 times x12 digs

      Even tho the fireman menu cuts off the SB-free option, I'm still able to see its border and click that, and it works.

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    I mentioned this in the other thread, but I’m encountering a bug where all gift boxes open in the main village, including shells and crystals. The items are placable, but are invisible. Also, sometimes the menus fail to open. For example, I touch a dig site on the planet and nothing happens, it just becomes encased in a blue square. I touch it again and nothing happens, but then on the third touch it finally opens. Nothing game destroying though. Just the after effects of a big change to the game 😊


    • Tamara Zeleznik
      Tamara Zeleznik commented
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      Tracker smurf and the message in the bottle doesn’t show you the time remaining. Also maybe new stuff like the exclusive offers could be added to the VIP area so people can use smurfberries instead of real money.

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    I keep getting stuck when the Autum sale window pops up, no way to get rid of it, the back arrow is missing


    • Trinity
      Trinity commented
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      Yes that’s happening to me. I have to close the app to fix it

    • Juliesmurf
      Juliesmurf commented
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      I had this problem as well

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    Using the Crystal Grinder on the Mountain it is no longer possible to select the crystals by tap and hold. We have to click for every single crystal.
    Last edited by Morning Sky; 11-10-2019, 03:56 AM.


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      I have noticed that my miracle fertilizer is gone and that there are no more VIP raft voyages!
      Last edited by Tamara Abbott; 11-10-2019, 11:14 AM.


      • skydiver118
        skydiver118 commented
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        Well the voyages are still there, there is still a 24 hour 100% chance of a prize raft, just not labeled as a VIP raft. ANd try to select it on a non-VIP game and you get told you need the golden oar, so I think it’s just a graphical glitch

      • skydiver118
        skydiver118 commented
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        Oops, double post

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      When I try and harvest my craters on the planet they often appear to harvest several times! Very weird!
      also i travelled to the island afterward and suddenly found that I was inadvertently harvesting more craters on the island .....even more odd

      Click image for larger version

Name:	image_9442.jpg
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      • ChristalWest
        ChristalWest commented
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        Yeah, crater collection is temperamental, especially with the excavator. Today, I lost the 2nd Smurfberry when the crater was a part of a Papa quest. The first box opened with a Smurfberry, but the quest completion overrode the opening of the 2nd box resulting in no 2nd Smurfberry. In addition, I’ve documented other crater collection issues that I’m having in the problem section of the forum.

      • Spelling Bee
        Spelling Bee commented
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        asmurf Those Craters on your planet mean your village has become corrupted in some way. The quickest and safest fix for this is to immediately use the in-game recovery tool as soon as possible and restore your village to an earlier save that was made BEFORE the problem first appeared.

        Please note: If you choose to continue playing without making a recovery, then the corruption will only get worse and could lead to permanent loss of your village.

        To make a recovery, go to the Smurfs’ Village Menu (button in the bottom left corner of the screen) > Settings Tab > My Account > Local Saves > Saved Villages. On the Saved Villages Screen, go through the saves one by one and preview them until you find a good save where everything is back to normal.

        So, if for example you first noticed the problem today, check yesterday's save and if that’s good, you can use that save or go back even one day further to be extra safe. You only get 3 Recovery attempts every 24 hours, so we would advise that you preview each Recovery Point thoroughly before you choose to use it. If you need you to check another area besides the Main Village, you can also travel to your other areas when previewing your Saves by tapping on the Rocket, Balloon, Ship, and Portal.

        Since you are essentially taking your village back in time, you will lose any recent progress made after the creation of that recovery point, but it's a small price to pay for removing the corruption. If this does not work, or you lose any recent purchases that you have made, please submit a ticket with the Customer Support Team here:

      • asmurf
        asmurf commented
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        Thanks Spelling Bee, I will do that straight away.
        Why would it become corrupted?

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      Some of the new EO informations are wrong. Autumn Hut, Log Cabin, Camping Trailer are shown as not storable but they are storable.
      Last edited by Morning Sky; 11-10-2019, 02:44 PM.


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        I found one more bug: Father Time Clock Tower cannot be refreshed with smurfberries. However, these berries are taken off. I tried it in MV.


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          I’ve been playing smurf village for 5 years on and off and love it so much even though I’m a grown-up and should be doing more constructive things with my time.... that’s not the point... anyway I’m only new to the forums today as I feel as though I need to ask a question that I’ve scrolled through all the topics and can’t seem to find anyone r Er law asking it.

          Why did the interface need to be changed? I get the idea behind keeping apps and games fresh and new but this update of the entire interface feels like it’s gone back in time. It feels clunky and archaic. The graphics are sad and the actual functionality is frustrating and glitchy. The old interface was slick and fast and felt professional. I’m sorry to the new owners as this sounds like a winge and It’s nice to see no one else seems to be winging but I’m curious as to why a change as big as this was necessary. If it ain’t broke...


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            Smurfblelly This new User Interface has been gradually implemented piece by piece for some time now. The issue at hand here is that this most recent portion was the most significant and noticeable. Several unfortunate issues also exacerbated the harsh reactions by some community members, such as the blurriness of the icons and images in some of the Shop menus, or poor performance on older devices with limited system resources. Everyone on the Bongfish/PopReach Teams sincerely apologizes for these, and they understand that they only served to make the transition to the new User Interface that much more jarring for those who are sensitive to such things.

            To answer your question of why were the changes necessary, over the past couple of years, the community has been asking for significant improvements such as a search feature, and to overhaul and re-organize the Shop Menus. Taking all of that into account, this new UI was a necessary step to help make those a reality and modernize Smurfs' Village to be more accessible and easier to use for new players and existing players alike.

            Those who have been with the game from the start (nine years), already know there have been MANY changes and adjustments to the UI during that time. All of those past changes have required varying adjustment periods, but in the end, they all helped to keep the game current and ensure that it continued receiving updates and let players enjoy the game they love.

            The Developers hope that you and any other players who are having trouble with the overall look and functionality of the update, please give it a chance. Knee jerk reactions and negative impressions can and do change with time. The Bongfish and PopReach teams will be making fixes and improvements going forward, and as with many things in Smurfs' Village, the UI will always be a work in progress.


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              Thanks so much for the reply Spellingbee and my apologies for the negative message. I am not one to be overly sensitive to change and I understand that anything new just needs a bit of time to get used to. This change was fairly significant and my message was not a knee jerk reaction, hence why I joined the forums for the first time in 5 years to question the need for the overhaul.
              I appreciate the reply and hope I didn’t give you more of a headache


              • Spelling Bee
                Spelling Bee commented
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                Smurfblelly There is no need to apologize at all! I didn't mean to single you out specifically, but instead, I was speaking in general terms. I, too, agree that the new UI is a bit of a shock for long-time players. As someone who has played since day one, though, I feel that it will improve with time. If the results are Smurfs' Village is ultimately better and more welcoming to new players because of it, then I will embrace the learning curve and short term discomfort. After all, everyone in this community wants to see this game continue so that we can keep enjoying what has brought us years of enjoyment and fun.

                P.S. Welcome to the forum! I do hope you stick around and enjoy it here.

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              Hi, I collected some smurfberries from the mountain yesterday. Out of the blue I went to tap on one of the wonders which is the SmurfFinci’s flying machine and it stated that “Your smurfberry is ready to collect”. I don’t keep track of how many smurfberries I collect from wonders, I always tap and go. I check other wonders from the mountain, only this has that message. Is my village corrupted? 😭😭

              Click image for larger version

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              • skydiver118
                skydiver118 commented
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                I think you’re fine. THere’s a thread here that this is a known issue with this update so not corruption just a glitch that will probably be fixed with the next update

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              Thank you so much skydiver118. ❤️ I was so worried my village may be corrupted that I need to backtrack cos I managed to get some goodies from the mega boxes this morning and the 2millions exp I’ve earned with the scavenger hunt tracker event. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Have a smurfy blessed week ahead ⭐️


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              Thank you so much skydiver118 😭😭 for taking the time to find the thread for me. 🧸