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    Just went to collect my bottle quest ! The box popped up but I did not receive any prize ! Also it did not register when I had grown all of the required crops! Thanks 💜


    • skydiver118
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      I just started a thread, something tells me that many of us will have the same issue.

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    Hi guys,

    is anyone facing these issues as well?

    1) the new interface icons are not very responsive. I have to press several times and very hard before it reacts. very often whichever item is behind the icon gets its XP collected instead.

    2) when i press the hammer icon, i get a green screen for a few secs before the menu pops up.

    3) the game seems to be slow to respond to the prizes box that appears to inform of your prize, takes a long time to pop up.

    4) Most importantly, all my star crops that I worked so hard to collect are now all gone.



    • skydiver118
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      Your stars should not be gone. The former gold is now silver. So empty stars are white, full stars are silver.

    • Tamara Abbott
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      Yes mine is the same and I feel the crop stars should be good.

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    skydiver118 think i figured it out. i noticed some of the newer crops do not have a filled up star. while the older crops do have a filled up star. the filled up star looks whitish / silverish if that makes sense...i really cant differentiate the white and silver. but thanks for the reply


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      I will say, this version of the game is more unstable than any one I can recall since the great change of developers crash/bug.

      I’ve had to dumb all 3 of my devices down to low quality and they still crash. entering an area, exiting an area. sometimes just moving around the game will freeze for several seconds then may crash, or may recover.

      I have an iPad 6, ipod 7 and mini 4, so 2 of the 3 are less than a year old. They all have plenty of free space on them.

      I know you guys said the next update will be sooner to address some of these issues. I’m getting to the point I’m afraid the crashes will corrupt my games and I’m just about ready to stop planting crops and basically let them sit, getting in there once or twice a day to harvest XP and not be punished for not checking reporter for fear that the crashing will corrupt my game.

      Prior to this update my game would crash maybe once or twice a month. Right now I’m up to 5-6 times in a single evening. I’ve force quit the game and rebooted but nothing seems to help.


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        Also when gifting it is not letting me like peoples village and I'm not getting stardust from the 30 min digs ( which I desperately need - please fix this one before the update as Stardust is the hardest thing in the whole game to get) . Sorry to keep adding but now I'm not getting Jokey rewards when I tap on him either!
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          I’m encountering another bug where I plant crops, close the game, open it hours later and only then does the timer start. For example, I plant flowers - the five hour crop - and it ends up taking ten hours. Also, I start digging all the craters, leave the area then return an hour or so later and no one’s digging up the craters.


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            I’ve been having a terrible time with my iOS craters have been appearing everywhere, island , mainland etc.
            Spelling Bee told my to go back to a bug free saved game and I have gone back to the first November saved game . I am hoping and hoping that this one is bug free...terrifying as Spelling Bee says I could loose my game ! 😢😢😢😓😓😓🐙


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              One more bug: XP can not collected by hand from outback animals, but only with Fireman Smurf.


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                I’ve noticed if you leave the area before something is done it will not complete....try to harvest 100 plots, get to plot 50 then leave, you will come back to those last 50 unharvested.
                My one iPad was crashing when going to other areas and I rebooted the ipad, then the lilies that I planted last night still had 6 hours on them.
                One of my MIAB never completed, I think the second one will be the same. Time will tell on the ipod. At least it shows 3 of 4 tasks complete.

                Both of my ipads I’ve harvested the crops I can and I will just let the games sit. Go in once or twice a day to not be punished by reporter (no need to be penalized a berry a day for not visiting an unstable game) and just wait it out. Either there will be a bug fix or the next update will be out in a week or two.

                It did look like I got my stardust, just the graphics are all white instead of colored. I mean I’d see the little 1, 2 or 3’s on the screen. But I’ll even stop digging craters at the moment.


                • Cupcake
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                  Hi Skydiver. Just a note... the first issue you mention has always been the case for me. Leaving before a task is complete stops that task.

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                I noticed over the last two days that I cannot close the game properly. The back button doesn't bring up the question asking if I really want to quit. I have to jump out and close from my task menu. Not ideal.

                Running on Android 9 on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

                Anyone else experiencing this? Force closing and rebooting has not had any effect.


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                Noticed another issue.

                Tracker no longer has a timer that counts down to when the event ends...i dont mind it not ending...for the extra XP


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                  Smurfinci Wonder does pay out it’s smurfberry, just the text doesn’t change, EveQ_ . And...smallest of issues, and not one that bothers me....the mountain dragons aren’t flying, just sleeping or awake.
                  I do just love the search facility - thank you!
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                  • EveQ_
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                    Thank you @chat noir❤️

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                  I did some decorating last night on my Android game which as far as I know hasn’t got a bug...I opened up the game and none of the changes were saved any ideas?🤔🤔🤔🤔🐙


                  • Spelling Bee
                    Spelling Bee commented
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                    asmurf This is something other players have reported, and the Development Team is looking into it.

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                  There are two members of our German forum who are able to put things into Storage since the update, but they don’t have the Storage placed in their village. Will the “stored” items be gone or will they appear after the Storage is placed?


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                    Originally posted by Morning Sky View Post
                    There are two members of our German forum who are able to put things into Storage since the update, but they don’t have the Storage placed in their village. Will the “stored” items be gone or will they appear after the Storage is placed?
                    Morning Sky If someone does not have the Storage Shed, but chooses the "Put in Storage" option after winning a prize, it will still be placed there. It will only become accessible once the player decides to purchase the Storage Shed for that area.


                    • Morning Sky
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                      Thanks Spelling Bee, I'll pass that on. 😀