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Important Announcement: Developer Update regarding known issues currently affecting Smurfs' Village.

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  • heominhon
    Why i can't buy more color in Grove ( Painter Smurf)

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  • Chat noir
    commented on 's reply
    Spelling Bee. I’m only commenting here because your first post asks for details about devices where this occurs..... use of my Kingdom Map to enter the Grove, and once the Mountain, has caused freezing/ crashing a few times this morning, not happened before. I rebooted 2 or 3 times, but it still happened, so I’m now playing safe with the original methods of transport, which have been working, and that’s fine by me.

    I play on an iPad mini 4.
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  • Cupcake
    commented on 's reply
    Go to Settings, My Account, Cloud save; then tap Save.

  • Silver
    commented on 's reply
    Perhaps travelling to other areas will trigger save. You can also save to cloud to be sure

  • Nestof3
    Would it be a good idea to save the game after winning something special, and if so, how do I go about doing that?

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  • Spelling Bee
    In addition to what is above, if you should experience an issue where specific items disappear (that you have had in your village for a while), or mini-games from one area are moved to another, or empty floating icons appear, this means you have likely experienced corruption.

    The quickest and safest fix for this is to immediately use the in-game recovery tool as soon as possible and restore your village to an earlier save that was made BEFORE the problem first appeared.

    Please note: If you choose to continue playing without making a recovery, or re-purchase the missing items, then the corruption will only get worse and could lead to permanent loss of your village.

    To make the recovery, go to the Smurfs’ Village Settings (gear button in the bottom right corner of the screen) > Settings Tab > My Account > Local Saves > Saved Villages. On the Saved Villages Screen, go through the saves one by one and preview them until you find a good save where everything is back to normal.

    So, if for example you first noticed the problem on a Thursday, check the Local Save from Tuesday, and if that’s good, you can use that save or go back even one day further to be extra safe. You only get 3 Recovery attempts every 24 hours, so we would advise that you preview each Recovery Point thoroughly before you choose to use it. If you need you to check another area besides the Main Village, you can also travel to your other areas when previewing your Saves by tapping on the Rocket, Balloon, Ship, and Portal.

    Since you are essentially taking your village back in time, you will lose any recent progress made after the creation of that recovery point, but it's the only known way to reverse the corruption. If this does not work, or you lose any recent purchases that you have made, please submit a ticket with Customer Support, and they will get back to you as soon as they can.

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  • Important Announcement: Developer Update regarding known issues currently affecting Smurfs' Village.

    Dear Villagers. For those of you who are still having problems, we'd like to reiterate that we do take all of these matters seriously, and we are extremely grateful for your continued support, and faith in our efforts. While we did fix several things in Part 2 of our Christmas update, we know many of you are still waiting for us to resolve the rest. Going forward, the Bongfish Team will continue to assist the PopReach Teams in whatever ways they can to investigate and resolve the issues listed below. While we cannot promise everything will be addressed with the next update, those that are will be implemented into (Ver.1.89.0) which is tentatively scheduled to arrive on or around January 9th, 2020. Anything remaining will be worked on until they are solved!

    Once again, we humbly ask for your continued patience and understanding until then. As a reminder, no matter what trouble you are having, please DO NOT ever attempt to delete and reinstall your app. Doing this could cause your progress to become lost permanently. Additionally, if you have not registered for a Smurf ID account, please do so now. Setting one up and creating a new Smurf ID Cloud Save with it will help protect all of your smurfy progress.

    If you are experiencing any of these problems listed below, there is no need to submit a ticket with our Customer Support Team (unless explicitly stated to do so). Wait times for Customer Support help are quite high, but if you have already submitted a ticket, everyone WILL get a reply, so please be patient.

    Some of the currently known issues are as follows:
    • Sleeping Dragons are not working on the Mountain.
      • (Please do not attempt to use Smurfberries to wake them up)
    • Traveling to a new area using the Kingdom Map causes the game screen to freeze, preventing zooming in, or moving around the village area.
      • (If this is happening to you, please comment below with the brand and model of the device you are using to help aid in our investigation.)
      • (A temporary workaround is to exit the game, and re-open it.)
    • Traveling to a new area using the Kingdom Map causes the game to crash.
      • (if this is happening to you, please comment below with the brand and model of the device you are using to help aid in our investigation.)
    • Cannot zoom in on the Smurf Kingdom Map.
      • (This problem has been fixed and will be implemented in our next update)
    • Cannot claim the reward for watching an Ad in the Video Hut or Traveler's Caravan.
      • (If this happens to you, please note the name of the Ad, take a screenshot of the Ad, and comment below with that information, along with your country/device. Alternatively, you can submit a Customer Support ticket containing all of the information.)
    • Can not place the Train Tunnel across Rivers in the Main Village.
    • Can not tap on UI buttons to access Menus on select Android devices.
      • (We had hoped this would finally be fixed, but the problem still remains. If you are one of the affected users, please reply below with the exact brand and model of your Android device, or submit a ticket with that information to Customer Support to help aid in our further investigation.)
      • (Additionally, since this problem is device-related, it is possible to transfer your progress to a new/alternative device, providing that you have a Smurf ID account. If you would like to have your progress transferred, please contact our Customer Support Team for assistance.)
    • The game continually force closes on 3rd and 4th Gen iPads (released in 2012).
      • (We will continue to try and further optimize the game for these devices in the next update, however, we do recommend upgrading to a newer device at your earliest convenience to improve the overall gameplay experience and stability.)
    • Can not log in to Facebook Account.
    • In-Game message overlaps PCO Offer wall Pop-up, welcome screen, etc, cannot be exited out of it.
      • (A temporary workaround is to exit your game and re-open it.)
    • Can not see Message In a Bottle Rewards or claim them.
    • Certain Paints that were previously unlocked (Black etc.) are now locked again in the Mountain, Planet, and Grove.
    • Recently made progress is sometimes lost.
      • (If you notice this happen, make sure that have registered for a Smurf ID account, and that you do a manual Cloud Save after each play session.)
      • (if your lost progress includes a recent in-app purchase using real currency, please submit a Customer Support ticket and they will re-send that to you.)
    • Cannot claim the Jet from Tourist Smurf's Hut.
    • Crop Timers / Collection Countdown Timers not accurate.
    • Star/Stardust colors are missing from the UI when collecting Craters on the Planet.
    • The amount of Bolts needed to complete Clockwork Smurf on the Island is incorrect.
    • Father Time's Clock Tower cannot be reset with Smurfberries.
    • Can't use the Crystal Grinder / Pop-up message stating that Geologist Smurf's Hut is required.
    • After collecting Reporter’s Calendar Reward, the Pop-Up window shows an image of a plain hut, being overlaid by 500 Yellow Rare Seeds.
    • Loss of all items placed in every area except for the Main Village.
      • (If this happens to you, please do not delete the app from your old device (if transferring your progress to a new device), and submit a Customer Support ticket.)

    For all other issues, such as those not listed, or for purchases not received, please do submit a Customer Support ticket. Again, please keep in mind that ticket response times are higher than usual, but you will eventually get a response.

    Thank you,

    The Bongfish and PopReach Teams