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Important Announcement: A final goodbye from Bongfish to our smurfy community

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    Thanks for three smurfy years. For you Twinkiepie and the team best wishes for future adventures.
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      Bongfish team, I wish you weren't leaving. I think you're the best team of any game I have encountered. I'm really upset because I had problems with my game in the summer and gave up for a while and now you are leaving. I started playing right before you took over from Beeline, so you guys have been my whole experience with the game. It's funny, because in spite of problems, you made Smurfs Village the best, most fun, and most welcoming and friendly game I have played. I believe in the game because I believe in the team who stands behind it. For every other game it seems like it's just dedicated players out on their own, flapping in the wind. I hope the new folks know how to follow your example. Thank you for being a paradigm of what a game team should be! I will definitely look out for work from you guys in the future. Thank you, and best of luck to all of you! 😁


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        nycblueblue. Really well put: totally agree!

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        Yes, you’ve said a true truth!

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      Smurfy greetings everyone!

      I am one of the Artists at Bongfish and I have worked on Smurfs’ Village for the past 3 years. You may refer to me as Tom
      This is my first and maybe even last public post on the forums. Usually I am here to read your comments, get some inspiration and see what I can do to make Smurfs’ Village a better game. But this time I’m here to say to goodbye.

      Seeing all your kind words is very heart warming. The SV community is unbelievably passionate and it motivated me to keep working harder. Many of your suggestions were previously impossible but with the help of our entire team we, the Artists, were able to create a magnitude of unique items. At this point I just want to say that while the first thing you see and experience may be the Art and Animations we did - it has to be said that none of that would even be possible without the rest of the team. It was a great team effort to make the game stable and even greater to add improvements at the same time. I know that some of you have had problems lately but keep in mind that we are talking about a 9 year old game, almost as old as the first Smart Phones, that has over 6000 unique items in it. The fact that it even runs today, while still receiving new content every 3 weeks, is unseen with other mobile games and I hope that it will last for many more years!

      I am very proud of the work I did for this game and am I sad that there will only be one more update containing it. But all good things come to an end eventually and I am looking forward to seeing how the game will evolve in the future If you want to make sure the game stays awesome make sure to keep sharing all your ideas and suggestions here on the forums. These threads were part of my daily morning routine at the office, just know that there’s always someone reading them

      I don’t want to make this any longer. But feel free to message me or comment, just because I say bye it doesn’t mean I won’t be active in the forums

      Thank you all for being awesome, thanks for all the participations in the contests, thanks for all the smurfy time you spent playing the game and supporting our work. It does mean a lot to all of us

      - Tom


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        Tom, even though you haven't posted publicly much, your presence within the game has been widely felt.

        All of the art is such a high caliber. It's part of what makes this game so enjoyable. I'm 55. The smurfs came on American television when I was in high school. We had many of the figures at our house.

        The game saw me through cancer in 2018 and into remission in April 2019. It's much more than a kids' game to many of us. I've been playing on Android since almost the beginning.

        Thank you for all you have done. You will be missed.

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        tjrcx. Tom, it’s lovely to finally hear from one of the Art Team here on the Forum and to know that you all check in with us on a regular basis and that we’ve all been a help to you all in some small way. Don’t be a stranger, we’d love to have you as a Forum member. All that’s left to say to all your team is your work has been spectacular, what you’ve done for the game has been amazing, we will miss you, but most of all - THANK YOU. 💝

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      tjrcx Twinkiepie , thank you to you and the entire Bongfish team. I appreciate the sentiments in the initial post about this being a game for everyone, all ages, around the world. It is the reason why I love the game so much and have continued to play for so many years. The game and this forum are havens of peace, kindness, tolerance, and creativity which is so needed today. Thank you Bongfish team for resuscitating our beloved game and making it thrive. Great job! Happy holidays to you all.


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        I was shocked beeing back after such a long time and the first i‘ve read was that bongfish is leaving the game. So many big changes were made, so many lovely words and presence here in the forums, crazy and beautiful contests, a completely new forum... thank you for everything you‘ve done for our beloved game. We will never forget you and hope you will have a great future. Maybe we‘ll see us sometimes. All the best and a very merry christmas to all of you and your families! Goodbye!


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          It is now xmas eve
          And not even a mutter
          So silent you can hear yourself think
          It is that time yet again
          So busy and bedlam is upon us
          Online shopping threw a hissy fit
          And people overloaded their banks app
          Oh the joys of xmas
          Not long left and it will be a new decade
          Another year will have passed
          Another year older for some
          But what I am greatful for
          Is all the good people
          Who make life that little bit better
          Thank you bongfish
          You did wonders for our game
          You listened and made so many things a reality
          So I thank you
          Merry xmas and a happy new year to you bongfish and everyone on here


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          TOM💜 your artwork will be forever on my phone, you’ll be hard missed there


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            Click image for larger version

Name:	50ACD1CB-2EB9-44D3-B67F-C3887E7FDEAA.jpeg
Views:	416
Size:	390.5 KB
ID:	252744 Thank you so much for this beautiful Christmas gift BongFish 😭😭 Blessed Merry Smurfy Christmas to you ❤️❤️


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              Dear Bongfishteam, even if you say goodbye now to leave for new shores, you leave so many fond memories of you here. Your ideas and designs in our smurf villages will always remind us of the wonderful eventful time with you. Now don't look back sadly, rather be proud of what you have achieved! Look forward to your new projects! When I read your company name in connection with a product in the future, I know that best quality and your heart and soul are connected to it. All the best for the future!


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                Thank you so much TwinkiePie, tjrcx, and everyone on the Bongfish Team. You will be dearly missed.
                You came in when our beloved game was a mess. We were so worried there was left nothing to do but pull the plug... but you fixed it! It felt like a miracle! Not only that, you made tons of great improvements, injected life, hope, and sunshine back into the game, and built a great relationship with the community. I will always be grateful for the fantastic work you have done for us.

                Thank you. 💙💙💙


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                  Nothing more to add....bye bye and thanks for every effort to Tom and the Bongfish Team! May the new developers keep the spirit up!


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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	A3B94F77-7757-4B36-90EF-83E2348A6552.jpeg
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ID:	252866

                    Thank you so much Bongfish team for a truly epic three years! You guys have been the best!!!! The contests, all the fun on the forum, and of course the awesome in game content! I wish you guys were staying with us forever!

                    Even though it saddens me to see you leave, my Smurfs are keeping a positive attitude and have put together a super deluxe goodbye celebration in the center of my village! None of them have hit the dance floor yet, they are too busy reminiscing about all the great updates and content you have given us over the years, so it’s going to take a while for the dancing to start! Goodbye our Bongfish buddies and thank you for your creativity, and positive energy you poured into this game! You truly are a one in a million company, and an amazing group of people!

                    @twinkipie Please walk around the office today giving everyone a high five followed by a big bear hug, then tell them it’s from Purple!


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                      Twinkiepietjrcx I’m so sad to say goodbye to Bongfish but before 2019 ends (still New Year’s eve here) I’d like to say thank you. In my opinion, us smurfy fans have stayed on mainly because after years of frustration, Bongfish came to our world and really tried to make everyone happy. They gave hope in our little smurfy hearts! The Bongfish team listened and granted our requests, and even engaged the community to share ideas and create smurfy art for the game. Within three years we saw the game grow. New huts were offered and many characters were added, including enough villains to make Purple (our resident “villain lobbyist extraordinaire”) proud! Fans who took a break from the game came back. We all got our favorite sheep! Bongfish was very generous, not just with gifts, but in sharing with us their plans with sneak peek announcements, etc.

                      But I have to accept that all things must come to an end, even good things. And so, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude. I will truly miss Bongfish and would like to wish the team good luck as they start a new chapter. Thank you for a great ride!!


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                        Agree what you said here. Bongfish team added so many our favorite things into the game!