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    I just saw a post on FB about our dear Bethany. It truly shocked me to hear she is gone. She was such a positive and ever so helpful presence here on the forum. I was an active member of the Snoopy’s Street Fair forum way back in the day, when we were still with Beeline. She was so gracious, kind, and fair, and she really fought for us to stay a part of the forum, even when SSF stopped, because she knew how much we were a close knit group. I will never forget her for that. She played an ultimate part here for SV, and just like Purple said, she really was our “Papa Smurf” in so many ways here on the forum. I pray for peace and comfort for her family and loved ones who were near and dear to her heart. RIP, Spelling Bee. You are truly going to be missed 💗


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      This is really, really sad news. My condolences to her family and friends. We will never forget her.


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        My heart is broken... 💔

        Bethany we appreciated you more than you know and we will miss you beyond belief. We promise to keep this Forum going in your memory and with the same Smurfy spirit you helped instil. My heart goes out to your family.

        RIP Spelling Bee


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          PS. For as long as it remains up and running I promise to still visit your Village everyday and check on your Smurfs... 😔

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        This is sad and distressing news. Miss Bee was an amazing person. My condolences to her family and friends. She will be missed.


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          This is heartbreaking news. I can’t believe it 💔


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            Truly shocking and very sad. Spelling Bee will be terribly missed here.


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              I am truly saddened to hear this news. My condolences go out to her friends and family. 💙


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                This is terrible news.

                Miss Bee was a wonderful administrator and a kind friend.

                This is so sad for her family and for us, her virtual “family”. She will be greatly missed.


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                  You could read her smile in the words she wrote,

                  With kindness and caring offenders she smote.

                  A firm hand in a velvet glove,

                  She treated every member with respect and love.

                  Tickets she handled, support she gave,

                  With her help, many villages they did save.

                  Through thick and thin, developers old and new,

                  Because of her only the Smurfs were blue.

                  She kept us together, through good times and bad,

                  Because of her, I think, the game was more than a fad.

                  She kept us united, she kept us calm,

                  Her gentle ‘dear’ was a soothing balm.

                  A void she leaves, a void so wide,

                  We will miss her dearly, a fact we cannot hide.

                  The role she held, a role so rough,

                  Filling that role will be ever so tough.

                  Someday, someone her job will take,

                  To them we will be kind, for goodness sake.

                  Miss Bee strived for a decade long,

                  To create a place where all may belong.

                  Right now we are blue, right now we are sad,

                  Right now we may feel that the future is nothing but bad.

                  But the day will come when we smile again,

                  When we know that to be happy is not a sin.

                  As we go forward, to the future we move,

                  When we act, we can think ‘Would Miss Bee approve?’

                  Be kind, be nice, treat each other well,

                  That may be a legacy that she thinks is just swell.


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                    Spelling Bee, we miss you! So sad! Bethany and “The Smurf’s village” are inseparably combined. It'll never be the same again.


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                      I'm truly sad and heartbroken to hear this. I wished it weren't so!! This has got to be the worst news that our forum has ever received. Even with the game and developers changing hands, Spelling Bee was our rock and stable force for many years. I'm sure you're now in a better place and I thank you, Bethany, for being our smurfy guide and friend.


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                        At a loss for words. My heart resonates with all that’s been said...warmest condolences to her nearest and dearest 💔


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                          I haven't been here long, but Spelling Bee was an impossible presence to miss. She was part of the welcoming committee and I instantly felt that she was a mothering member of staff, keeping the children in line with firm and fair methods.

                          I have come to respect many here in my short time, Spelling Bee among them. I did not know her personally, but I didn't need to - to know that she was a great person.

                          I saw many wondering where she had been the past couple of weeks. This was not the answer I had been expecting, though it was one I feared. I can only give my deepest condolences to those that knew her - online and in real life. I'm incredibly sorry to hear of this loss and wish all the best to her loved ones.


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                            This is really shocking and sad. Spelling Bee was very knowledgeable and helpful.
                            My village got problems several times and she was one of senior members who help; along with other respectful & loved member forums. Or else my village is not playable anymore since way back.
                            Throughout the years we can feel her passion, dedication and loyalty to SV. It is a great loss. She will be missed. TT


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                              Thank you Cupcake for handling this post. It has been posted on Facebook but I think the smurfy folks on the forums should definitely be informed as well.

                              The forum was Beth's Baby, she created all of this, she was responsible for so many good things on here, together with Twinkiepie, she brought the life back to the forum. But what most people don't know is that she had a massive influence on the game's content while Bongfish was still developing it. We would go to her for Feedback and I could always rely on her to hear what the Players want. I think we can certainly say the game would have never gotten where it is today if it wasn't for Bethany. She certainly didn't have it easy all the time but she handled things better than anyone could. She was always full of joy and always insipiring when you needed her. So these news were a massive shock to me and I still don't think I realize what happened.

                              I wish her husband, family and friends all the best. Life is certainly hard for them right now but I truly hope that things will get better really soon! We at Bongfish are all very sad about your loss... she was a close friend and certainly one you could never forget. She will always be a part of our team in one way or another. May she rest in peace.