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The Bottom Button and Fire Sales!

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  • The Bottom Button and Fire Sales!

    Please put any comments or questions about the Fire Sales here!

    How the Button on the lower left of your screen works! Tap it and will display other buttons and a new functionality!

    Our own Archeologist Smurf has unearthed an old treasure, looks like it is our old Exclusive Collection Items! And he is planning to put them out on sale for a limited period of 24 hours.

    Archaeologist Smurf has made a fabulous find, a treasure trove of old Exclusive Collection items! But he has so many items and nowhere to store them, so he will offer them for a Fantastic Fire Sale. Each item will go on sale for a total of 24 hours. It will start at .99 US (or equivalent- see the note at the end) and the price will increase by $1 (or equivalent) with every 50 items sold world wide. So the first 50 sold will be for .99, 51 to 100 will sell for 1.99, 101-149 for 2.99 etc. (or equivalents.)

    Archeologist Smurf has a Smurfy deal here too! The price resets to its lowest once again at the end of 12th hour in case you missed it at the start!

    Frequently Asked Questions!

    What is a Fire Sale?
    - This is a sale where the price starts as low as it can go and increases with every 50 purchases (across all purchasers)

    When can I access the Fire Sale?
    - It is accessible once you reach level 5.

    What is the starting price for a Fire Sale?
    - All Exclusive Collection Item’s start at $0.99 in store. *(Or your currency/country equivalent- see the note at the end.)

    How many times can I purchase an item?
    - You can buy each item as many times as you like.

    When does the price go up?
    - After every 50th purchase worldwide, the price increases by a dollar (or equivalent.)

    Does the price reset?
    - Yes, every 12 hours the item will reset back down to .99 *(or equivalent) for another 12 hours of sale.

    How to Access the Store?
    - Tap the “New” button icon at the bottom-left of your screen to access the store.
    - Tap on FS (Flash Sale).

    Tap any of the listed items to know its current price, purchase count, and its next price.

    * Please note that purchase exchange rates are not set by PopReach, but by your store.
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    Interesting matter, on what date and at what time will it start?


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      Morning Sky You can access it only while the sale is live, it starts today 12:00 PM PST.


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        ETA: Never mind. I forgot what time zone I'm in. LOL

        On the tab with the little smurf holding a sack (fourth tab), I get an error that I need to update to the most recent version of the game (which I have already done). The two golden tabs (2nd and 3rd) display without any problem.
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        • cosmickitten
          cosmickitten commented
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          I get that too Schtroumpfette - I’m guessing we will only be able to access it when the Sale goes live? I can’t get my head round the timing at all... 🤪

        • skydiver118
          skydiver118 commented
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          Yes, that button will only work when the sale is live. Right now it’s 11am pacific time, so about an hour from now I think

        • Schtroumpfette
          Schtroumpfette commented
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          Yes, I edited my OP.

          I'm in ET, and I just saw "12:00" and didn't process "PST." LOL!

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        Schtroumpfette We will try to change the pop-up message in the next update. Have a Smury Day!


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          Has the Fire Sale started cos I can’t access it? In fact I can’t access any of the EO tabs, they all tell me I need to update. They worked earlier.


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            FYI - 12:39pm pst and I’m still getting the error message to update to latest version.


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              The three buttons that new button reveals are all bugged for me now. They are also bugged in the menu.

              My game either freezes, quits, or says I need to update. On both iPhone 8 Plus and iPad 2017.


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                anyone else getting an “OOPS please update to latest version” pop up when clicking on the money bag smurf icon and the golden hut icon in the village shop menu??


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                  Yes. Thank you for posting this. All of the golden hut icons are displaying this when clicked. I don’t think the money bag is active yet so this one makes sense.


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                    SolipsismSmurf someone brought up the same concern you had and it was answered on the sneak peek page by Cupcake


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                      Hi everyone. PopReach is aware of the problems and is working to resolve them as soon as possible.


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                        Hi Cupcake, will the fire sale repeat items to sell as I’m having the same issue and don’t wish to miss any items if that makes sense? 😊


                        • Cupcake
                          Cupcake commented
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                          Someone from PopReach may be clearer on how it will work over time!
                          Last edited by Cupcake; 10-30-2020, 11:05 AM.

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                        Click image for larger version

Name:	B6EB68D6-8989-4370-A5D5-66F03CE81972.jpeg
Views:	453
Size:	7.2 KB
ID:	265992Hello all! Just purchased this item on the flash sale, however as I placed it, it won’t build into a hut when tap on it? Am I missing something? Apparently this is another game?
                        Attached Files
                        Last edited by Lucy Webster; 10-30-2020, 01:31 PM.


                        • Cupcake
                          Cupcake commented
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                          Lucy, I moved your post here because this is the topic about the Fire Sales. Was there a picture? Please do an ‘edit’ and post a pic if you can. Was it Jack o’ Smurf’s Hut?

                          The hut doesn’t ‘build’- you just place it like any ordinary item. What did it look like when you tried to place it? What did you tap on? [You will need to fill out a Customer Support ticket with PopReach.]
                          Last edited by Cupcake; 10-30-2020, 11:40 AM.

                        • Lucy Webster
                          Lucy Webster commented
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                          And if you tap on it, nothing happens.

                        • Cupcake
                          Cupcake commented
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                          Oh no! Both the graphic and how it is functioning are wrong (and if you read my my previous comment, I was wrong!) See my comment #18 below! Definitely fill out a Customer Support ticket!
                          Last edited by Cupcake; 10-30-2020, 03:55 PM.

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                        The fact that the new Fire sale offers things for money that were previously available in the normal menu and can no longer be found there, such as the Halloween tile, looks like a bad joke!

                        Last edited by Morning Sky; 10-30-2020, 11:26 AM.


                        • Schtroumpfette
                          Schtroumpfette commented
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                          I'm glad to see this addressed. People raised concerns in the Facebook group too.

                          I was kind of taken aback and hoped it was an error. There are several offerings listed in the Fire sale that surprised me, the pathway tiles and the tombstone for starters.

                        • Cupcake
                          Cupcake commented
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                          Schtroumpfette A few bumps in the road. Hopefully it will all get straightened out by the next go-round.

                        • AlleycatttSmurf
                          AlleycatttSmurf commented
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                          Cupcake oh thank goodness - that would have been unforgivable.

                          Thank you so much for the update😅😅😅💖💖💖