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Platform Transfers Are Now Available!!!

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  • Platform Transfers Are Now Available!!!

    📰 HUGE NEWS!!! Platform Transfers Are Now Available!!! Whoo hoo! 📰

    🔹 Please read the details here!

    🔸 Note that you can only make a switch once every 12 months, and that once you request it, it will take several days to complete, but the formerly impossible is now possible!
    🔸 If you have any inquires or issues with this functionality, please fill out a Customer Support Ticket.
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    Hello! Cupcake Good morning, so I understood that I can have the same game on two devices of different platforms? I'm sorry, I don't think I understood this topic very well? is this transfer forced?


    • Cupcake
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      Hi, Skyblack! Please ask Customer Support, but my understanding is that you cannot run it on two devices that are on different platforms. You have to choose one or the other.

      For instance if you have been playing the game on your Android phone and buy an iPad and want to play on your iPad, they could transfer your game to the IOS platform ( and therefore your iPad) but you would no longer be able to play on your Android phone.

      People have been asking for the ability to move platforms for years because some people no longer want to use the platform that they started on.

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    Wow, PopReach sound like they are starting to deliver on those promises they made, to take the game forwards. Fantastic news! 👏


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      This is great news.


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        Excellent News. This means that I can now transfer my village from my under powered Kindle tablet to my Samsung tablet.
        It truly looks like 2021 will be better for everyone..... Including Smurfs!!!


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          i have no plan so far to switch iOS device to Android device but it's a great news! 👍👍👍


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            I love to see it.Maybe Poopreach try to add mini-games to snorts village because i am tired of playing the same game.And can you please tell poopreach that I really love the game since 2015 and I want to see more mini-game.Love you all thank smurf you enlightened my life super fan miss you smurf can't play Thank you poopreach for giving out updates ^_%
            Racoon (Taylor Swift fan of Smurf Village) Mahal ko kayo sana all minamahal!