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    Hi, I have been playing Smurfs village for awhile now but I’m still stuck on the quest from Grandpa Smurf in which he asks me to dig to find his pair of thick socks. I am confused over how to do this as there doesn’t seem to be anywhere in the mountain village to dig unlike Planet Swoof. I was hoping someone could please help explain to me the way to complete this quest as I’ve been stuck on it for awhile.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Willowy, and welcome to the forum! You can dig on the Mountain.

    Go to the menu as shown below, and look for the shovel in the far left tab. Purchase and place digging plots by tapping on the shovel and your Smurfs will start digging. You may dig up resources, XP and coins, and sooner or later you will dig up his socks. He will ask you to find other items after that, and you will dig for those, too.

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    There is a Help topic in the Settings area of the game which may be useful to you, and a very helpful topic here on the forum which has a lot of info!
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