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​​​​​​​Smurfs’ Village Mother’s Day update 2.11.0 is live and available for download!

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    Hi, does anybody know what the statue is that we got today from reporter? Incidentally I think Popreach are doing really well giving us nice gifts from reporter. Click image for larger version

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    • md432
      md432 commented
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      asmurf its the nanny statue which can be purchased on the island and I think MV for coins. Just search nanny in the items bar and you will find it

    • Morning Sky
      Morning Sky commented
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      Just a coin item

    • asmurf
      asmurf commented
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      Thank you both....I thought it was something special😂

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    Sneak Peek time! An Island Nature Update Filled with Feathered Fun!


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      This is the second week that I’ve had to use Smurfberries to bypass the “Make Baby Smurf sleep 2 times” on Tracker’s list because it won’t register any Baby Smurf taps. Something is wrong. Hope it can be fixed soon.


      • Cupcake
        Cupcake commented
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        This is a known issue and has been going on for awhile now-please see #27 above as well as a number of other comments. #27.5 tells you what to do.

        In the future, you can use the Search function in the upper left corner of the forum so you can post things pertaining to that issue or find answers to your questions more quickly in an existing topic, rather than starting a new one. It oftens helps to change the search to “Relevance” rather than “Last Update”, though I found this about Baby with the first search.