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    I know this is a bit off topic and has been requested before, but….it would be nice to be able to vacuum up and store Nat Smurfling’s Magical trees. I love the trees, but it is quite tedious to move each tree by itself to rearrange the mountain.
    And……. I would love to have these trees available in the other lands! 😃
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      And I must add that I am liking all of these ideas everyone has! 👍🏻👍🏻


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        A dig all option on the mountain like what was done with the dives on the island


        • SushiSmurf
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          I second this!

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        I would like PopReach to fix a lot of long time existing bugs and glitches in our game. I'll be honest here. This forum used to be my daily first place to visit but I now haven't been here for weeks. I feel like PopReach never read anything posted here. There are a lot of old bugs left just like that. I get that there are some bugs that is very difficult to fix like going back in time bug or corruption. I know these bug which cannot be reproduced easily are close to impossible to fix. Aside those two there are still a lot of bugs left unfixed.

        These are just examples of bug that exists more than a year and you can easily reproduce them since it affects all players but they are just left as it was. All I ever hear is just something like "Sorry we cannot fix it at the meantime. It's harder than we thought"

        I know you are making new engine for the game, but there is no estimated time when the new engine complete. If you let a lot of bugs remain unfixed until the new engine is working, Don't you think that many players have already left this game by then?


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          Hi everyone! The feedback topic will close tomorrow, so if you have any last minute suggestions, please get them in within the next few hours!


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            PopReach Please please add new update MMB items to the EO shop…2000 SBs wasted trying for the same old items over and over, its frustrating.


            • Purple!
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              Yes, the MMB needs attention, items are way too hard get!

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            There are a few characters from the cartoon that we still need!

            The one I really would absolutely love seeing is The oh Great Book of Spells!!! He is totally one of my favorite characters from the classic cartoon! He can be seen in a bunch of episodes, but one of my favorites that features him is “Scruple and the Great Book of Spells” it’s a classic, and the great books personality really shines in the episode!


            The Oh Great Book first appeared in the episode the “Winged Wizard” in Season 3, and made a noteworthy appearances in “Smurfy Acres”

            The other characters we still could use are Craig the Cave Troll from season one “Now you Smurf them, now you don’t”

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            And the Druid Leader from “Time Capsule Smurfs”

            Click image for larger version

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            • Baethan
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              All great suggestions! The more canon/series/comic characters we can get, the better! There are still so many!

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            Thanks for your great feedback, everyone! This topic is now closed.

            And, from PopReach…

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              The lucky winners of random draw to receive 100 Smurfberries are:

              yosinori saitou

              Please submit a ticket to with the subject line "Facebook/Forum Feedback Event Winners" Details to include in the ticket-
              1. Name
              2. Smurfs ID
              3. Support ID

              Congratulations to all!
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