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June 25th is Global Smurf’s Day!

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  • June 25th is Global Smurf’s Day!

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    Dear Smurfs' Village Community Members,

    June 25th is the Global Smurfs Day!

    In celebration of this day, we are pleased to announce that starting on the June 21st through 27th we will be holding
    big daily deals on Elite in-game Items as well as providing you with 2x Reward from Extra Missions..

    We are also planning additional item giveaways through this duration which we will announce, so please stay tuned!

    Please be sure to find us on both iOS ( and Android ( devices.

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

    -Smurfs' Village Team
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    Can’t wait! 😃👍🏻


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      This sounds great! Happy Global Smurf Day everyone!!!


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        I'm happy if you add exclusive quest for Smurf Day and wonder
        Racoon (Taylor Swift fan of Smurf Village) Mahal ko kayo sana all minamahal!


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          Oooh I'm excited!


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            Err I just used the video hut and I'm confused... what are the extra rewards? I thought at first it was double the smurfberry bits, but they are still the same amounts. Then I thought maybe we would get 2sb instead of 1, but still got one at the end...


            • Cupcake
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              The bonus of the 2X rewards are only from the Extra Mission surveys under the Extra Mission Tab (on the Video Hut half menu): See below.

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            Please note that the 2x award in the video hut is only for doing surveys under Extra Missions.

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              Happy smurfy day 😊💙💙💙
              🦥 Smurfs greetings Schlumpfin mc smurfy


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                Hi All!

                We are being treated to a whole week of Smurfy EO Sales this week! The Schedules for each day will be posted the evening before both in this thread and over on the EO Sale Update thread. Hope you find something you want! Here is today’s Schedule, apologies it’s late.


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                  I’m so excited about this! Thank you! Everyone have a Smurftastic week 💙


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                    I've been playing this game for over 10 years. I love this game.


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                      Here is the Schedule for the Smurf’s Day Celebration Sale Day 5 on 22nd June 2021:


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                        Actually, since the update to Version 2.13.0, the extra missions aren't available anymore, nor are the Video Hut videos.

                        Does anybody else have those difficulties?


                        • Cupcake
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                          People do have this issue from time to time, but there have not been many comments on it this update.

                          First, close down your game and try rebooting your device. If that does not work, please fill out a Customer Support ticket if you have not done so already. You can do by clicking the Support button on the upper part of the screen. This is the link:

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                        Hello, I was absent for a while and I see that I have missed a lot, I am just catching up, but I arrived at least in time to see that it will be the day of the Smurf!
                        Greetings to the whole community


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                          I Soo excited!!!