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    I don't know if any one else is experiencing this but grandpa is only giving me 22 XP for my Crystal storage when I use to receive several thousand XP's. Is this a new glitch?


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      Agree with Cupcake & Iceclimber:

      There is a hiccup with all tractors: One Smurf sitting on them all the time instead of coming running when we tap the tractors (and by the way, lately they seemed to have been coming running from further and further away, taking a long time often! - Looks like only one Smurf on the Island [Mountain, Planet] has the keys for the tractor !).

      More Smurfs come running after we tap the tractor and disappear behind the tractor.

      Lastly, after "Plant All", it shows "1 Smurf left". Just to be ignored, no Smurf is actually left, all available ones have gone planting, the "1 Smurf" left is a misindication counting the one on the tractor despite the fact that he shouldn't be there!

      On the mountain this is a bit of a mess, as it does not stop the "buying digging sites" when its running out of Smurfs: I. e. you can over-purchase Digs!

      On the positive side, yet already before this update: Weather Machine quite cute and works well and Planes and Trains are fabulous! And through this update, the bad flow of the Ship's journey to the island has been almost (!) fixed. Before the update, the Ship got "stuck" upon arriving at the island for several seconds before finally continuing to the jetty. It now still hangs for a second but much, much shorter.

      As for the planes: Could they continue their flight when "Plant All" is being used? When Smurfs use the little toy rides etc. a "Plant All" does not stop their joy, but the actual "real" planes literally reverse onto the runway and the Smurf goes planting. I am sure the farm can wait until after a safe and proper landing?

      It also appears that for the previous update, guinea pigs and other animals have been "right-sized" at the animal shelter. But have yet to see any interaction with Smurfs, e. g. riding or feeding.

      But the annoying Tractor Smurf issue needs a fix please!
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      • Tapasz
        Tapasz commented
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        Yes they can, it has happened several times in the past already. Mostly on island.

      • Guo An Ji
        Guo An Ji commented
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        And all the Special Smurfs and many "normal" ones are all over the village again! "Walking on water" while crossing the river at MV and running all over the Cliff on the Island.

      • IceClimber
        IceClimber commented
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        I really hope you are right. I remember there being issues with the count on the island, but I am too young a player to remember a time when Smurfs were trapped on the Tractor. Maybe some Smurf sites have this glitch recorded. It's at least a glimmer of hope that you have seen this in the past.

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      Village restore preview isn't fixed. Still can't preview previously saved levels...and still get stuck between rivers when I try.


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        Answered my own question, I had moved my Crystal storage to a place where the xp received was off the screen. 😮


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          Just a heads up to everyone, Tracker has once again started today, a Sunday, for me. I've restarted my game and can confirm that closing the game completely and any force closing will end the Tracker event. Under NO circumstances should you use sb's on any Tracker tasks today!

          *Sorry again for double posting but need to get the warning out to everyone.


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            Phoenix looks much better now it glows at night


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              Clumsy, I love it as well and it looks great next to your lava river and the shrubs with the lights. I was playing around with decorating a little area of my planet. I had one Phoenix but added another one when they were lit up. If we weren't getting the Egyptian decorations I might have gone crazy with the Phoenix all over the planet. That's how much I love it. Here's a pic ... Day ... And Night ...


              • Clumsy
                Clumsy commented
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                This little area looks awesome!

              • chickadee2013
                chickadee2013 commented
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                Thanks Clumsy. I'm going to have to tie it into the overall planet somehow. I will probably change it but at the moment it's Fire and Ice!

              • Purple!
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                This looks amazing!!!!!

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              Hi! Sorry if I went out of topic...but do anybody know the limit of crystals that generate xp out of the storage? I have filled the crystal storage to the max and let a lot of crystals laying around. I make pictures out of them (just finished my war of roses ), buy they are now starting to go out of hand.


              • 450Paddington
                450Paddington commented
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                Hahaha I do have a tendency to pick the wrong thread am I. It just that i love this news thread alot. Very informative. Thx chikadee!

                Just checked the questions thread, someone has asked the question. Apparently, there is a limit. But even ms. Bee do not know where the limit is. She suggested to delete all the excessive crystal if we opt not to buy the grinder.
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              • Tenny
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                I read somewhere the limit is 500?

              • Cupcake
                Cupcake commented
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                Crystal storage 'shares' it's amount with the regular storage on the planet, so you can store more crystals when you eliminate things from the regular storage. Below is a link about it. As a note, it is a good idea to do a 'search' of topics when you need an answer to a question, as many have been asked before and the answers are already posted!
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              I had noticed the same dye problem a while back, but then I started getting dye again. I just wanted to report that I have 2 Smurfettes again. This problem is intermittent.


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                about blacksmith smurf and the different xps when he is working and when he is at the hut..... the 500xp shows up where he is working, at least it did for me
                (he was working close by his hut so I was able to see it)
                at least it showed for me....

                barber and dye - nope I can see the collection of the dye from him, I dont have a problem there

                twin Smurfettes on the mountain... heck Im actually impressed we have 2 Smurfettes, pls Beeline don't fix this, when I see them walking side by side its a hoot and I giggle loudly
                and lets be honest its good to have giggles in our stressed out world


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                  I don't know if it is just me but since I installed the bug update my friends list is not loading at all


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                  I see my friends again! And I feel like the loading of others villages is much faster now. all my Smurfy friends - I am back and gifting like crazy