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Smurfs' Village iOS version 1.4.8 is live and available for download!

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    Hi All. For those Android players reading this topic, Beeline has stated that your update should arrive by the end of this week.


    • kimette
      kimette commented
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      thanks heaps spelling bee for letting us know...
      - rather pooh that I wont have my castle completed for Christmas day (unless I use precious sbs...but I need them to get the really, really expensive reindeer!...on that note: do we get to keep the reindeer, or are they too seasonal?)

      - we definitely could have used more than a handful of days for all the Christmas decorating...I hope that next time, beeline get the updates in earlier, so we have more time to enjoy them before the moment is gone and the next update comes along...

    • Michal Makuch
      Michal Makuch commented
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      better late than never i guess, i hope it comes with new year decorations so i can at least get my fireworks ready on time

    • MagicSmurf
      MagicSmurf commented
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      So, Spelling bee, what do you know about the update for android players?

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    With the new land clearance on the swoof planet does that mean more craters?


    • Shaunie314
      Shaunie314 commented
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      Yes I got a 9th crater.

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    @DC, I lost all patience and used SB's this morning. This is what I have so far, but I'm not happy with it. Something seems wrong but I'm not sure what yet.


    • ABI0683
      ABI0683 commented
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      Thanks Purple! 😊

    • DCMURFY1
      DCMURFY1 commented
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      Wow Abi , it looks awesome, it's good to see those gates in action, and wow again, you have a nice ring
      Realy nice work

    • weblion
      weblion commented
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      What a Masterpiece ! Wonderful

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    I am thinking the crystal storage was expanded a bit because somehow I am able to cram some more crystals into it


    • Purple!
      Purple! commented
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      I think you are right. I just keep putting them away.

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    I really love the update! Thank you, Beeline!
    But: I really miss the snowangel!!!! And are we getting fireworks with another update? I can't remember if they came with the Christmas update last year, or later ...


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      Wish the Christmas Bunny is available on the Mountain...
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        Hi Spelling-Bee, there were no new year's eve fireworks in this update, is there cpming another update this year? (hopefully with a castle fix, critter storage and planet xp collector) Beeline should allow our smurfs to celebrate 2014! Please advise.


        • Ray888
          Ray888 commented
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          The next update will be on the early next month.

        • NightN
          NightN commented
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          Next month will be too late for New Year's eve fireworks, surely!