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[iOS+Android] Built all of the Swoof Huts available and did their coin upgrades but I still don't have 76 Swoofs required to clear the final land expansion on the Planet

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  • [iOS+Android] Built all of the Swoof Huts available and did their coin upgrades but I still don't have 76 Swoofs required to clear the final land expansion on the Planet

    Why do I only have 73 Swoofs? Even with the recent bug I can't add to my amet? Anyone got any ideas please?

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    I also have this Problem.
    I have 69 of required 76 swoofs.
    Have built all swoof huts and did the coin upgrade.
    With this I cannot clear the space.


    • McSmurfy
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      You need to build more Swoof Huts. To be allowed to do this you need to get your Smurfs to dig for Stars. You need to collect 1 yellow, 2 blue, and 5 red, unbroken stars. If you have all ten craters, it will take about three digs to collect them all. Do not place the stars in Lucky's constellation page until you have all 8 stars collected, because of the bug that is causing it to reset to blank when you leave the game. Once you have collected the stars and placed all 8 , you will recieve a gift box of 3 SB, unlock Luck's statue for sculpter Smurf to build, and unlock the Swoof huts you need to build. It will say you can build 3 but the bug will let you build pretty much as many as you want as long as your Smurfs are on standby ready for it. Start building your huts immediately cause if you leave the game before you do this, the constellation page resets and you are locked out again. Then you will have to start over. The alternate is to wait until the next update and a bug fix comes out. On the other hand, starting over again means you get 3 new SB. Up to you. Once you have your Swoofs, you can clear your space and get your land expansion.

      Happy digging!

    • Hlp21_
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      I have the same problem and I wanted to comment in this thread so if it's ever fixed I will know about it. I am on level 44 with 70 swoofs and I can't add any more huts. I finished all the constellations. I with I could get to 73 even. I'll try a condo. thanks.

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    No have to restart over my village . Now is level 11


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      Tired to restart over my village ...


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        I also have this problem. I finished Lucky constellation and it "unlocked" 3 swoofs. It didn't unlock anymore swoofs. I can't build any more swoof huts because it says I've reached the limit. I can not clear the last part of land because I only have 73 swoofs and need 76. All of my constellations are done. This is with the new bug update too.
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          I have the same problem, I only have 69 swoofs and when I finished the constellation l got 3 smurfberries but wasn't give permission to build more swoof huts, what do we do spelling bee please??


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            Hi everyone. It's definitely a glitch with the update and the Studio is looking into it. While waiting for the issue to be fixed, you have two options. A community member posted in another topic that they had come across a workaround. You can try and see if it works for you.

            "I found a way around the bug last night by exploiting another bug. If you place some swoof condos and then store some swoof huts you will be able to build 4 swoof huts. Upgrade those 4 swoof huts with coins and it will bring you to the number of swoofs you need to clear the foliage. The crappy thing about it is having to take up precious room on the planet just to build condos and huts."

            The other option would be to go ahead and use Smurfberries and purchase the required amount of Swoofs. Obviously this is not ideal for everyone, but it is an option.


            • Jeff Epley
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              Ive tried getting condos but still sbort the swoofs

            • Hlp21_
              Hlp21_ commented
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              Has this been fixed? It looks like it has been a problem for over a year. I am at level 51 with 70 swoofs still and can't clear the last part on the planet. Just hoping for an update. I did file a complaint also but no update.

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            Spelling Bee is right, you can buy swoops for 10 smurfberries as a workaround (please don't shoot the messengers) this is just a suggestion so you dont wait!


            • Tenny
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              Don't want to shoot you or Spelling Bee :-) , but the expansion was meant to be "for free" ... so no-one should spend precious SBs to clear the last free space. It's nice from Spelling Bee, to talk officially about the option to buy Swoof Condos, store huts and buy some more huts ...

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            thank you very much Spelling Bee, now all sorted and in process of clearing the space


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              Completed lucky constellation but I can't build Swoof Huts
              It says "Swoof Hut cap reached"
              Now I have 30 Swoof Huts and did every coin upgrade
              63 Swoofs
              iOS 1.16.0
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                Please help! I play on Android and also can not buy anymore Swoof huts to be able to clear the last part of the planet. I have stored all my Swoof huts in condos with no results. 😞


                • Spelling Bee
                  Spelling Bee commented
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                  They probably fixed that glitch that you could use as a workaround. You can still use Smurfberries, but that is a choice you will have to make. The only other thing you can do now is contact Customer Support and hope they fix it in a future update.

                • Katerina Rose
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                  Thank you for your reply, Spelling Bee. I have just submitted a ticket to Beeline Support as this update has not fixed this bug. I hope they are able to help.

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                So ive completed all the constelations and acording to the menu ive reached the swoof hut cap. Ive got 69 swoofs and cant clear the last land expansion. Seeing that these posts are months old i assume there is no fix or effort put into it? Only option is to spent SB for more swoofs?


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                  Wow. I joined the forum just to have this question answered and it looks like people are still having the same problem.

                  My question is: Are the 3 Constellations after Lucky released? Is that the glitch? When those are released, the huts they'd open would make up for the lost Swoofs. I'm more interested in completing the Constellation Book than clearing space...


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                    I have the same problem. Have the last area to be cleared and it's telling me I can't add anymore swoof huts


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                      Every month I send in a ticket about inability to add Swoofs and Constellations not working. I get a "thanks we are looking in to it" response. Not spending SB or any money on a game that they cannot get the free things to work. Bad enough they took away ability to get SB by watching stupid videos & now we only get dye!