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Status update on Customer Support responses and refund / reimbursement policies

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  • Status update on Customer Support responses and refund / reimbursement policies

    Hey All,

    I am just creating a post today to give a little update in regards to the customer support. Currently we do have quite a few contacts and we are trying to reach everyone as fast as possible, along with this we are also taking into account the bugs reported from you all, just keep in mind that while we cannot specifically message back each person about each bug. They are taken into account and looked into. This really is awesome when you all send in reports it helps us identify and resolve where we can, keep up the great work!

    In regards to item reimbursement and refunding, while some people have asked for refunds just keep in mind that, we the customer support team do not have the function to refund purchased items. The refunding is done via the Apple / Google Play stores, while it would be awesome to be able to do this ourselves at this moment sadly we cannot. The item reimbursement, I am personally dealing with items and currency being sent back to players who have lost or not received currency. If you have been waiting a moment to get a reply it is coming, recently there was an issue with sending items / currency this seems to be fine now. I wanted to make sure that when you do have something sent back to you, you get it for sure!

    I would like to suggest the following links, one if the refunding FAQ - and one the item reimbursement FAQ -

    The main reason for this post, is just to let you know that we are trying to reach you as soon as possible. Also that your support tickets means a lot to us, we would just ask at this moment with everything that's happening with the game that you hold on for a moment while we get back to you.

    Thank you for reading.

    Wishing everyone the best and a very Smurfy time!

    Kindest Regards