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[Android] Only receiving "Loading" and "You cannot watch a video right now" messages at the Video Hut

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  • [Android] Only receiving "Loading" and "You cannot watch a video right now" messages at the Video Hut

    I am trying to work out if I have a problem with my device not getting videos or is it a bug. Since the last update that added the ticket above the video hut to win a smurfberry I have not been able to watch videos. It always has downloading and when I tap on it I get the message - You cannot watch a video right now. Check back later!. My wifi is fine and I have data connection as well.
    I play on a Samsung Galaxy S7. My grandaughter plays on an android tablet when she is here and hers works fine.Also there are no videos available if I want to replay a game.

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    Juliesmurf That's really pretty odd. You can rule out your network and country because your Granddaughter is getting the videos. Do you live in the USA? If so, have you checked to make sure you have your date age settings correct in the options menu? I'm not sure if that would disable the videos from coming through, but it's worth checking.

    It may very well be your device, but we would need other players on the Galaxy S7 to chime in and let us know if they too are having problems or not.


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      Hi Spelling Bee I am in Australia, but I will check if there is something similar in my option menu. I did report the issue after this update as I thought it would have been fixed. Support can't seem to pin point the problem either.


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        I also have this problem; no matter which devices I use, I still cannot watch any video.


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          Over the last week I have been able to occasionally watch a video. I found if I just kept going into the hut and hitting the download button and then exit and try again I got to watch a video after about 3 times. This morning it let me and I am not sure if it was a coincidence, but when I collected the smurfberry I went up a level. My game seems fine, I checked all areas and everything was the same other than I am now on level 107.


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            I think the trick is to tap the Video Hut, and if it says "Downloading", count to five then try again. It takes forever to pre-load the video and if you tap on the button while it still says "Downloading", it'll claim that you cannot watch any videos right now (even if the next video becomes avaiilable like a quarter of a second later.)