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[iOS+Android] Weekly Smurfberry reward cannot be collected from the Smurfinci's Flying Machine Wonder in version 1.86.0

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  • [iOS+Android] Weekly Smurfberry reward cannot be collected from the Smurfinci's Flying Machine Wonder in version 1.86.0

    The countdown timer on my Smurfinci's Flying Machine wonder on the mountain has reached zero, but there is no smurfberry for me to collect. All of the other wonders on the mountain correctly generated a SB when their timers reached zero at around the same time.
    If I tap on the part of the wonder that usually generates the SB, it tells me that my SB is ready to collect. But there is no bouncing SB icon. The wonder was working fine in the previous update, and this would have been my first SB from it using 1.86.0. I am playing on Android.

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    Pemby Thanks for reporting the problem. It appears to be happening on iOS as well.


    • ChristalWest
      ChristalWest commented
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      I can confirm the same issue on iOS this morning.

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    Happened to me as well, I’m using iOS.


    • AlleycatttSmurf
      AlleycatttSmurf commented
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      Pemby ChristalWest and EveQ_ I had this issue too, but it rectified itself today.

      Were you all able to collect your sb eventually?

    • Pemby
      Pemby commented
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      AlleycatttSmurf No sign of my sb yet. But the new Enchanted Falls Waterfall wonder will finish building soon, so I will get another smurfberry to keep me going whilst I wait.

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    Hi AlleycatttSmurf, mine still has the same text. Ermmm I’m not sure if I collected SB from that wonder cos I always tap and go🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ll be collecting other wonders in mountain in few days time. (I have a habit of finishing wonders and collecting smurfberries same time) I’ll keep you posted😊
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    • Cupcake
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      Hey Eve! If you want someone to see a post, don’t forget to tag them with an ‘@‘ symbol in from of their full forum name- so in this case, AlleycatttSmurf . [Also, you can comment on your own post rather than doing a new one, so the whole conversation stays together....]

    • EveQ_
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      My bad Cupcake, I didn’t realize I started a new post. I will take note of that😊

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    PembyChristalWest Cupcake AlleycatttSmurf says, the smurfberry should eventually turn up: mine, too, has just been paid.