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Not able to play- Blank Screen

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  • Not able to play- Blank Screen

    I have not been able to at Smurfs village for about 2 months now.......I can't get anyone to help.......the game keeps going blank on me no matter what I won't even load......I play on a moto g6 Android phone

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    Welcome to the forum, Chronic! I am sorry you are having trouble- have you submitted a ticket with Customer Support?


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      When are you guys going to fix the blank screen that's making the game unplayable......I'm missing out on alot of's been going on for a while now


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        I been playing the Smurfs village for years now and this is crazy never had this issue til a few months ago


        • Cupcake
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          Hi Chronic. You had already started a topic on this, so I moved your comments here. If you have not filled out a ticket with Customer Support, you need to do so. If you have filled out a ticket, you need to wait for to answer.

          Have you filled out a ticket?
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        You need to log a ticket with customer service as it may be device related and they may have a fix for you