On the Mountain, Nat Smurfling's Magical Trees are not currently storable, and, therefore Handy Smurf's Vacuum Cleaner does not recognize them as Items that can be moved.

​​​​​​This is a problem because they are XP-giving trees (3,000 XP every 24 hours), and once players buy each tree for 2500 coins and spend 15 Dye and 25 Stardust to grow it, we don't want to delete them, but we may want to move them when we redecorate or make room for new Smurfy Wonders.

I currently have 2500 of these magical trees, producing 8 million XP. I have had to move them one at a time.

Please add this to the list of future bug fixes.


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​​​​​One may sell the magical trees, but one cannot store them:
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This is the error when trying to capture the magical trees with the vacuum:
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