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[Android] In-App purchases disabled

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  • [Android] In-App purchases disabled

    I have now had this problem a few times. When I try to buy real money items I get a message saying the in-app purchases have been disabled for this account/device. There's a 'please wait' message on top of it. And nothing happens even if I wait for a long time. I cannot figure out what the issue is since I haven't done any changes to the settings and in fact cannot even find a setting for the in-app purchases anywhere either in the game, in the Google Play Store or in my device.

    I have tried closing, force stopping and restarting the game, logging out and in again, restarting my device, checking the Google Play Store is up to date. Actually I got a few messages also about saying the Store was out-of-date when in actuality it wasn't. I still opened the Store and that seemed to fix that. I don't know what else to do anymore.

    Now I'm wondering if it really has been disabled by the game or someone, why on Earth? Because previously I have made multiple in-app purchases successfully.
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    Are you still having a problem, @Shannalli?