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  • Screen frozen

    hello when I reached level 17 I got the message and the third blue vote appeared next to the hammer in the store but I could not press it, that is, I clicked and nothing happened, I left and went back into the game but now I can't move The screen remains static in an area and I cannot move to the sides or zoom, so I cannot play the minigames or see the crops that are out of the area, I tried restarting the phone and re-running the application, when it was in the tutorial the screen worked normal but when I recovered my game the screen froze again, help me :c

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    Sorry you are having problems! Please fill out a Customer Support ticket if you have not done so already. You can do so by clicking the Support button on the upper part of the screen. This is the link:

    Also, what exact device and software are you running? How much RAM does it have? [You can look that up online.]


    • Yossy
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      thanks for the help, i just sent the request, i am using a redmi 9 the software android and has 3GB of RAM

    • Cupcake
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      Yossy That’s plenty of RAM, so hopefully Customer Support can help you!