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[NP] Incorrect amount of Candy being awarded from the Smurfling's Trick or Treat Halloween event

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  • [NP] Incorrect amount of Candy being awarded from the Smurfling's Trick or Treat Halloween event

    I just played the new smurfling game where you go around and tap candy pieces. I tapped at least 10 and my counter of available treats is only at one. I found and tapped way more than one treat.

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    It's not a bug.
    You have to collect all 20 candys in time to get one Candy for the shop . If you don't collect all, you get XP.


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      So than I collected all 20 and only got one? to wait 6 hours for maybe one more. Not sure I like this game.


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        It’s like all the other tapping games — egg on mountain, weed on grove, Enamored smurf, Jokey’s sleigh, and Little Ghost all in village. You tap a certain number of items in a certain amount of time and get one reward.


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          Maybe it's a little confusing that you tap on candy pieces and win candy pieces, but those two are not related. Like Nestof3 says, this game is like all the other tapping games. Tapping 20 roses from Enarmored's game doesn't reward you 20 roses but one item. Tapping 20 eggs from Grandpa doesn't result in 20 eggs but in one item. I see where the confusion might come from because you tap candy and receive candy, but those are different. And think about it: If you received 20 candy pieces each time, you'd be able to buy four or so items from the shop each time - other games only reward one prize and here you'd get four? Playing and winning results in one piece of candy only. Which is 'less' than what you receive in other games but here you can choose which prize you will get from the shop whereas the other tapping games give you whatever. That balances it out.


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            Not to be rude but this is a two years old thread. The original poster has already found the answer.


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              Hahaha! That's what I was thinking too!

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            Excuse me. The thread came up in a search, and I answered it. The OP seemed uncertain why there as only one reward so I tried explaining. I didn’t pay any attention to when the person asked the question.
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              Haha, it was already answered