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[NI] Game crashing at the Orange Beeline screen in Android version 1.7.2a - 1.7.3a

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    Is there a fix for the android tablets. My village is still unaccessible most of the time.


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      I'm also unable to access my village, and haven't been able to since the beginning of May (the 9th I think, but it's so long ago I've forgotten). It was working fine that morning and in the evening it started crashing, it hasn't worked since.

      I raised a ticket with Beeline but apart from the acknowledgement email I have heard nothing. I have also updated twice hoping that it would fix the problem but alas no.

      Spelling Bee - are you able to get any more information from the studio? Is there a fix in sight? I've been playing the game for 3 years now and I hate to think that this is the end.
      Many thanks!


      • debbles smurf
        debbles smurf commented
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        Try hidden recovery to the day before

      • Roady
        Roady commented
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        I can't, the game never gets to the main blue screen so I am unable to tap on options and then Papa Smurf.