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[NI] Crop timers frozen in my Main Village and all of my Smurfs disappeared

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  • [NI] Crop timers frozen in my Main Village and all of my Smurfs disappeared

    About a week ago in my main village my crop ( golden corn) froze at 3 hours 57min and all my smurfs ( about 75) dissapeared. I tried doing a recovery from the cloud and with papa smurf but nothing wotked. About 3 days ago one of the crops finished and I had 1 smurf. He is now going aound finishing all the other crops off. Which is going to take a while.
    The rest of my village is working fine so is the island, mountain and swoof planet.
    I am not sure wether to delete all my crop fields in the main village and hope that all my smurfs return back or if I will be just stuck with the one. Or let him carry on harvesting the rest and then hope. Any ideas on what I can do?
    I can't do Papa smurfs quests to get to the new part .

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    Try to delete just one crop and see if it works.



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      Do you play on iOS or Android?

      If on iOS you could try to force the game to restart.....not restart from the beginning, just reboot. Double tap the home button and flick the preview for your village off the screen. Single tap the home button to exit the mode and then open the game up again. It should reboot through the blue screen and maybe a fresh start will allow things to reset.


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        As Sky said, are you on the Android or iOS version? Can you go back to a recovery point that was prior to you planting the Golden Corn?


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          Thank you for answering should have put this all in my original post but forgot.I have Andriod. Have tried recovering through cloud and papa smurf and I have tried just deleting one field still only have one smurf. I am on level 50. I don't want to start from the beginning again


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            I deleted all my crop fields. With that smurf I was able to build a hut and upgrade. But I can't delete my old huts or my old condos it is like they don't exsit but they are there and taking space away. Any Ideas how I can get rid of them?