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[NI] Collected Dye not counting towards Papa's quest in the Grove on Android version 1.7.3a

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  • [NI] Collected Dye not counting towards Papa's quest in the Grove on Android version 1.7.3a

    Despite collecting dye from the statues, mammoth, chick, and bunny, Papa does not give credit for any of the dye collected.

    I don't know if he gives credit for dye collected via raft voyages. Mine are still out at sea and hane eight hours remaining. I will reportedly back when I know.

    Playing on Android OS 4.4.2, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, SV 1.7.3a

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    How about dye from digs on the mountain or dives on the island?
    That works for me :-)


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      My husband's Papa is asking for dye in the grove, and I have collected from everything except rafts and he isn't counting any of it.


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        Update - I just went to the grove, and without collecting any dye or doing anything, the quest was cleared.


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          Well, that's interesting. I will see what happens later tonight after I.collect from the rafts, and I'm hoping the quest will disappear.

          ETA: I was growing crops for Grandpa, and my other smurfs were growing pears for XP, so I haven't been able to determine if Papa gives credit for finding dye on the Mountain digs. In about 30 minutes I can report on that.
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            He's asked for wood, dye and stone from me, varying quantities and times, and when I've collected it elsewhere it counts in the grove. I think it's kinda like the Space quests asking for stone or wood, collect it on the island or mainland and it counts.


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              That's the whole point of my post. I've collected it everywhere one can collect it, and he has NOT given credit for a single dye. I just won 5 dye from archaeologist smurf on the mountain, and it did NOT increment any total toward the 17.

              I have easily collected 17 from all my statues, mammoth, bunny, chick, digs, rafts, BUT I suspect he wants all 17 at once. There is no feature in the game to provide that except purchasing them for SB, and people know me pretty well by now to know I won't spend SB for something that mundane.


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                UPDATE: there are actually two problems it seems.

                1) Papa does not increment the number collected toward the total the way we see him do when he or Grandpa request we grow a certain number of crops. The most he asks us to collect on the Swoof planet is one wood, dye, or stone, so we go collect it and we see a message that indicates the Smurfs are very talented dancers, etc. And then he gives the next quest.

                Because he requests more than one Dye, in this case 17, he should show the number collected so far toward the total.

                2) it appears collecting them all immediately in sequence (the same way Tracker asks to make 2 cupcakes) is required, or what is collected is not tracked.

                I just collected 9 dye from statues, 6 from Magician, and 10 from five raft voyages all in succession. Only then did Papa say the quest was complete. It appears none of the dye I collected throughout the day was credited toward the quest.
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                  Ah got it. Yeah, but of a hurdle. I think any of those challenges I've received I've been able to hit it lucky on scuba and get them in one round through my lands - so didn't notice that it didn't increment up.