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[PS] Can't purchase Flower Boxes from the Shop Menu to complete Papa's Tulip quest

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  • [PS] Can't purchase Flower Boxes from the Shop Menu to complete Papa's Tulip quest

    i have a problem trying to complete papa smurf´s request to plant tulips
    it happen that i don´t have the crops to plant the tulips. i erased them to get more trees when papa smurf ask for a lot of peaches. And now that i need them it happend that the crops are not more available on the menu. what should i do?

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    Hi Louisi. The Garden Plots, Magic Shrubs, and Flower Boxes are tied to the number of Worker Smurfs that you have. Say you have 100 Worker Smurfs and you purchase 50 Garden Plots, and 50 Magic Shrubs. That would mean you don't have anymore Worker Smurfs to tend to the Flower Boxes, so you can't purchase them.

    You have two options at that point. The first option is to Delete either some of the Garden Plots, or Magic Shrubs so that you can purchase some Flower Boxes. The second option is to obtain some more Worker Smurfs that will be free and not yet tied to anything.


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      Why i can't add more flower garden box? I've already have one & want to add more (bcs papa smurf's quest) but its written 'need another smurf' when all my smurf is free and not doing work)


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        Editing a comment
        Hi Shelyn! The answer is both above in Spelling Bee’s comments, and below.

        We are very happy to see you here on the forum, and in the future, you can use the Search function in the upper left corner of the forum so you can post things pertaining to that issue or find answers to your questions more quickly in an existing topic, rather than starting a new one. It oftens helps to change the search to “Relevance” rather than “Last Update”.

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      It's tied with farm plot. you cannot have more farm plot+flower box than smurfs counter.
      Delete farm plot so you can add more


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        Precisely. You can only have as many growing mediums as you have smurfs.

        So if you have 100 smurfs you can have any amount of garden plots, magic shrubs or flower boxes as long as the total of the 3 combined is 100 or less