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[NP] The Critter Storage Dome can only be collected from every 24 hours

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  • [NP] The Critter Storage Dome can only be collected from every 24 hours

    Our little space critters used to give XP every 12 hours, but when they are stored, the dome only gives us their XP every 24 hours! Beeline, may we have our 12 hour collection time, please?

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    Hey Cupcake. I saw the discussion in the other topic about this and already let the studio know this morning. If I find out it is intentional I'll let you know so we can start an idea topic asking for it to be changed.


    • Cupcake
      Cupcake commented
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      Great- thanks, Spelling Bee! I surely hope it wasn't intentional....

    • CvB023
      CvB023 commented
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      Thanks Spelling Bee :-)

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    Hi Everyone. I have heard back today from the Studio and it seems that the 24 hours was intentional and was meant to be just like the other Critter Storage buildings.


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      This is bad news....why don't they make this clear up front? I'm not at character limit so actually did not need the critter storage. Bought it to get rid of the yellow worms and that's not worth 30 SB.


      • Spelling Bee
        Spelling Bee commented
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        Since it's only 24 hours on the other Critter Storage buildings, it looks like they made the one on the planet function the exact same way. Perhaps it was something not easily changed, I don't know. Either way, most players seem to have just purchased the Dome to get rid of their excess Critters. For those players, the fact that it gave any XP at all was more of an unimportant afterthought.

      • Tapasz
        Tapasz commented
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        You're right for most players it was necessary to break the character limit. I don't mind the xp but would rather have spent the SB on something else, that's all 😊. Thanks for keeping us posted though!

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      Hmmmm... disappointing since we were able to collect from all the creatures on the planet every 12 hours. Thanks so much for finding out, Ms. Bee!


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        Ugghh. Storing critters that would give xp every 12hrs, but only being able to collect half of it daily??? Rip off. They should say this up front. We need such a ridiculously insane amount of xp at the top levels. I've had to pull all the critters out of storage. I would not have "hatched" all of my waiting eggs if I had known, and the dome is now a useless stupid waste of space & a waste of SB.


        • LightofFire
          LightofFire commented
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          Haven't purchased it yet but fully agree with Caro! The collecting was a question before implementing this new item and now after introducing it works not the way we ask for... I have many unhatched eggs and now i will be delete them when i reach the limit! For 30 sb beeline should let the players know about that important fact! Please change the description of the item! Thank you!