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Miracle seeds does not seem to work

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  • Miracle seeds does not seem to work

    I bought miracle seeds and managed to place smaller garden plots. But after I leveled up, my garden plots are now the regular size. Miracle seeds are still in my village, I had not removed it.

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    There could be a problem with your village not directly related to the miracle seeds. Questions:

    - Have you tried placing new, small plots? Can you?
    - Now that the smaller plots have reverted to their normal size, do they overlap each other, or overlap other objects?


    • Cupcake
      Cupcake commented
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      I thought of several more things in trying to diagnose or fix the problem:

      - First, are you are trying to place the smaller gardens in the same area of the game (main village, island, mountain etc.) as you bought your miracle seeds? [You must buy the seeds for each area.]

      - When you say your new plots are the normal size, does that mean that the small plots are not available in the menu any more, or that you are buying a ‘small’ plot and that when you place it, it is a large plot?

      - Do you notice anything else at all strange in your village? Are you missing anything?

      - One more thing to try: If your miracle seeds are near the bottom of you village, move them up to the mid-point or above and see if that makes a difference. There used to be a couple of items that did not function correctly if they were near thr bottom, but I can’t remember which things they were.
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    • Sweet L
      Sweet L commented
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      Wow! Cupcake, I only just realized after reading your comment, there are actually 2 plot sizes in the menu. I thought there would only be just one size after I unlocked the small garden plot. It’s my mistake, really, for not looking properly. The small plots cost 10 coins while the bigger ones are 20 coins. Thank you so much for helping me troubleshoot!

      Problem solved. (y)

    • Cupcake
      Cupcake commented
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      Thank goodness it is solved!