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Smurf riding Guinea Pig went missing after going in Animal Sanctuary

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  • Smurf riding Guinea Pig went missing after going in Animal Sanctuary

    A smurf was riding a guinea pig and refused to get off despite me waiting several minutes and traveling to different areas, so I decided to go into Doctor Smurfs' Animal Sanctuary. I noticed the guinea pig wasn't in there. When I went back to the main village both the guinea pig and smurf were gone. I immediately quit and force killed the game, but it was too late. The guinea pig returned to the sanctuary, but the smurf was lost. I did a recovery and when it asked me which village to keep, I previewed the online village and it showed one free smurf so I figured the lost smurf would be restored if I chose that. It wasn't. Despite the online village showing 1 free smurf, after restoring I was back to zero despite one crop being empty and no smurfs away from the village. I ended up having to recover from today's backup. I lost 10 hours of work and a smurfberry, but it was better than losing a smurf. This wouldn't be as big an issue if there was a way to force smurfs to get off animals.

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    Forgot to mention this was in latest iOS version of the game, but there's been issues with disappearing smurfs and riding animals for a while now. It's rare, but it happens from time to time.