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[NP] Cool down timer on Pirate's Mini-Game might not be working correctly

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  • [NP] Cool down timer on Pirate's Mini-Game might not be working correctly

    The first two days I played the game after 10pm (plus a few times inbetween with SB). Everything worked fine. This evening, I checked the timer and it told me over 16 hours to go when it should have been about 4 hours. Twelve extra hours wait time had been added. Just now, I checked again, and it was over 21 hours. it almost seems as if the timer was reset after I played with a SB, although I'm not sure that time adds up exactly to the time shown now. I spent already too many SB as it is and definitely need my free turn!

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    Hmm, I guess it's working the way it's supposed to as it says: "finish now", Ie. the wait time should reset after paying one SB. But why did it work the first time and I could play for free 24 hours after my first game? I definitely played the game inbetween a couple of times using one SB each time, and the timer apparently did not reset...

    Now I'm confused... Ah well, what else is new!


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      The timer resets after finishing the game. But why haven't you bought the trophy for the island? It will cut time in half for lucky, marina and pirate!


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        Good idea! I hope the ship wreck offer is repeated soon so I can stock up on some SB.