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[NP] Lost my VIP status when I recovered my village on my new iOS device

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  • [NP] Lost my VIP status when I recovered my village on my new iOS device

    Hello, I got a new iPad and when I restored my village, I lost my VIP status. How do I get it back?

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    Same thing happened to me, lost life time VIP now submitting receipts to Beeline. Though this has been ongoing issue for 3 weeks now and still not resolved.


    • Spelling Bee
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      Hi Woolie. I took at look at your ticket and Beeline Customer Support is still waiting to hear back from you. They sent you an email on the 10th saying they received the screen shots of your purchases, but that the images were too small to read. They politely asked if you would please send them larger screen shots so they can get your VIP status processed for you.

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    Hi Scrappy. Your VIP status is tied directly with the Support ID of the app you have installed on your device. Since you downloaded a new copy of the game, you now have a new Support ID on your new iPad. In order to restore your VIP status on your new device, you'll need to have Beeline Customer Support activate your VIP on the new Support ID. This can be done by submitting a ticket through their support portal located here:

    Just be sure to say you got a new iPad and recovered your progress through Game Center but no longer have your VIP status. They'll go over what they need to get it taken care of.


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      I uploaded my village to a new IOS device. I had lifetime VIP status and now on my new device it is not recognizing the status. Does anyone have any feedback that can help? I did open a ticket at beeline, have not heard back yet. I deleted my app and downloaded again from iCloud from old device to new device, still no recognition of VIP status.


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        Hi Pixlax, VIP status is device related so you must contact Beeline to inform them of changing devices. As you already did that you can only wait for them to answer you. No need to further D&R, won't help.


        • Pixlax
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          Tapasz thank you for telling me that VIP is device related, I reset new IPAD and downloaded everything from the cloud which downloaded all info from iTunes . VIP is back, Thank You!

        • Tapasz
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          You're welcome Pixlax! That's the easiest way to get it back but not everybody want to set up their new device with all old info on it. Good to have access again to feathers so fast 😃.

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        Tapasz thank you, I have been driving myself nuts. I think the mistake was when I turned on the device as brand new and not as updated.


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          I like smurfs village it literally like the best game I have ever played but the problem is I was playing it earlier on my iPad so I decided to play it on my iPhone . I was a VIP when I was palying it on my iPad but when I changed to my iPhone my VIP status was gone. So it should be made like even if you are playing on your iPad or iPhone your VIP status should still be with you


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            Fatima .... welcome to the forum. This is the advice from Spelling Bee: 'VIP status is tied to the Support ID. Each copy of the game has it's own Support ID. You would have to contact Support and give them the second Support ID and tell them you would like to have your VIP status moved to that one too. Whether or not you can have it active on more than one ID or not is something that Support will have to go over with you.'