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What are some of the best ways to earn large amounts of Stardust each day?

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    I find myself here to with low amounts of stardust building wonders with the new update and getting the twelfth dusting space free. So I currently doing one wonder at a time and not clearing any more swoon planet. Good luck in your choices.


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      Completely forgot about him! I never did that because it seemed so pointless to waste so many swoofs on one single resource. But when resources are scarce and needed, it's a better choice than doing shrubs.

      My eyes just got caught at the '100 swoofs'... That must be nice.


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        I use my swoofs too for stardust but only have 71, are there any good games where one can win stardust?
        I currently play enamoured smurfs game and the weed game in the grove and occasionally get some stardust too.


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          Both Camper and archeologist on the mountain are good sources of stardust as well.


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            THere are also the statues in homnibus' tome. Some of them give stardust every day. You'd need to look and see if the investment is worth it....but if it's a case where a 20 SB purchase gets you 6 sd every 24 hours you may consider it worth it.


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              Other options to get stardust

              Homnibus Tome Statues

              Cost and Benefits

              Blacksmith Statue
              Reward 6 stardust per 24 hours
              Blacksmith hut (Mountain) – 30SB
              Dragon Statue – 3,000 coins plus resources and time (10 wood, 10 dye, 5 stardust, 4:30 hours)
              Lion Statue – 2,000 coins plus resources and time (15 stone, 8 dye, 10 stardust, 6 hours)

              Sculptor Smurf Statue
              Reward 6 stardust per 24 hours
              Sculptor hut (Space) – 30 SB
              Fountain – 20 SB (can be won from the SB round of Smurfette’s balloon pop game)
              Taurus Statue – 20 Stardust to make

              Archaeologist Statue
              Reward 2 wood, 2 stone, 1 dye, 1 stardust per 24 hours
              Archaeologist Hut (space) 30 SB
              Jackal – Found in the 2 SB Deep excavations of Archaeologist. Might be won in a few dozen digs, others have tried hundreds of time.
              Artifact – 15 SB

              Baker Smurf Statue
              Reward 2 dye, 2 stardust per 24 hours
              Baker’s Hut (space) 30 SB
              Cookie Table – 2,500 coins, built from Baker’s menu (2,500 coins, 25 wood, 4 dye, 10 stardust)
              Frosting diving pool – 6,000 coins, built from Baker’s Menu (6,000 coins, 80 wood, 40 dye, 50 stardust)

              Engineer Smurf statue
              Reward 2 wood, 4 stone per 24 hours
              Engineer’s hut (mountain) 30 SB
              Crossing Sign – 1.000 coins
              Gargamel’s Train car – must be unlocked from the train customization menu. Requires the purchase of at least 2 train stations plus other cars. Each train station costs 15 SB. Each train car you customize costs 10 SB. So to unlock this you must spend at least 40 SB. However when you do have 3 stations you will be rewarded with 1500 XP, wood, stone, dye and stardust every 24 hours)

              Handler Smurf Statue
              Reward 1,000 coins and 3 stardust per 24 hours
              Handler’s hut (mountain) – 30 SB
              Manticore – 2.000 coins (plus time and resources to build, 40 wood, 40 stone, 4 dye, 8 stardust)
              Monster table – 800 coins

              Festive Collection
              Reward 4 wood, 4 stone, 2 dye, 2 stardust per 24 hours
              Festive Tree Smurfy wonder – 3,500 coins plus resources and time to build. Minimum of 1 week without using smurfberries to speed the process
              Reindeer sleigh – 25 SB (can be won from the SB round of Jokey’s Present catch game)
              Holiday table – 800 coins (can be a prize in the free round of Chilly’s game)

              Painter Smurf Statue
              Reward 6 stardust every 24 hours
              Painter’s hut (space) 25 SB
              Snail – 25 SB
              Cake – 2,500 coins

              Vanity Smurf Statue
              Reward 5 wood, 5 stone, 3 dye, 3 stardust per 24 hours
              Card making station – 20 SB
              Easel – 15 SB
              Stone Pillar – 800 Coins

              Cupid Smurf Statue
              Reward 5 wood, 5 stone, 3 dye, 3 stardust per 24 hours
              Baking station – 20SB
              Jokey’s present – 15 SB
              Glowing Heart Sculpture – 950 coins


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                thank you so much
                I have now got cupid smurf statue, vanity and painter


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                  The statues don't seem like a lot but get a few and those few prizes a day can help. I only included the ones that give stardust, but others give wood or stone.


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                    Just throwing in a 'thank you' for you guys talking about statues. I mentioned them myself, but from sole memory. You talking about them actually made me check and I had two statues waiting for me and could get another one for just buying an item for coins/resources. Oops... Should have checked that book more often!


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                      Woohoo. Cool that.

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                    I would strongly recommend using the Traveller’s Caravan! The Traveller’s Caravan is constantly available for rewards- you never have to wait, you can get as many as you want. Just for watching quick 10-30 second ads, you can pick a card that tends to give either gold- anywhere from 500-1500; XP- anywhere from 1000 to 2500; smurfberries- anywhere from 1-4, and resources, including stone, wood, dye and stardust, which tends to range from 5-20 of each in general. I often get 10 stardust just from watching one ad in the Traveller’s Caravan- it’s my main source of income in every way! Hope this helps.


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                      If you're looking to level up faster without using up all your Stardust, (instead can save for Wonders, because Stardust is the BIGGEST pain when you're trying to finish all Wonders), start placing weathervanes in all your areas. They're cheap on coins, don't take up much space and you can get massive XP twice a day. Right now, I gain about 21,000,000 XP a day. I'm on Level 106 and level up about every week or so, give or take. Once you get to around Level 100, without huge XP earners, it'll take months to move up one level.

                      Can always delete all the weathervanes and make your villages look fancy once you max out levels :P
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                        To answer your question:

                        Best way to earn Stardust is to get all 12 craters on Swoof Planet and dig every 30 minutes. That alone is the absolute best way to get Stardust as fast as possible.

                        Can also dig for Stardust with Arcaeologist Smurf Hut on Planet. (I don't utilize this one because I keep all 125 Swoofs growing crops with Magic Shrubs 24 hrs a day. Massive XP earner)

                        As for daily Stardust gains, unlock all Stardust statues in Homnibus' Tome and Game Smurf's Hut.

                        Magician Smurf, Engineer Smurf, Brainy Smurf's Space Hut all give Stardust.

                        Then, there's always Camper Smurf on the Mountain and the two Arcaeologist Smurf Huts on Mountain and Island for chances to win Stardust.

                        Lastly, can always watch videos in the Caravan when you're bored. You can win decent amounts of Stardust.
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                          Like most other users already suggested: dig craters as much as you can on Planet Swoof. When you have all twelve of them, you should be able to collect 10-15 stardust every half hour, when you’re lucky even a bit more ;-) What works even better for me is Camper Smurf’s Mountain Drop mini-game in the mountain-area. You can play that game for free but you can also pay five smurfberries to win bigger prizes. It’s fairly easy to target the stardust and you win 20, 25 OR - if you’re really lucky - 30 stardust! Usually you can play this game only once every six hours, but you can also replay it at the cost of another smurfberry. So: it will cost you six smurfberries to reload the game AND play for better than standard prizes i.e. 20 or even 30 stardust. I don’t wanna pay for smurfberries so what I do is watch ads in the Video Hut in the main village. For 6 smurfberries you need to collect 60 smurfberry-bits. You get three for watching a video so playing 20 videos gets you there. It’s a big bore but one video only lasts 20 seconds so in well under ten minutes you’re this for an hour and you should be able to collect around 200 stardust...😄

                          p.s. I seem to have unlimited access to videos, but I heard other folks don’t get to play endless ads in the Video Hut...
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