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How do I complete Papa's quest to collect three Rare Seeds in the Grove area?

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  • How do I complete Papa's quest to collect three Rare Seeds in the Grove area?

    The papa smurf asks me to go get 3 rare seeds ... where are they? I thought when we got one with crops it worked, but no

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    You need to plant flower crops in the Grove to collect rare seeds. It isn't always guaranteed how many you will receive per crop. You need to keep planting and harvesting flowers to eventually get the 3 rare seeds. If you have the time the 5min geraniums pay off the fastest. I have 150 plots and usually plant 9 hour lilies and receive at least 3 rare seeds per crop. Completing Willow's quests in the Grove will give you rare seeds, and occasionally so will Granny's Hut in the Main Village.


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      Yeah, just plant flowers in the grove and grow, grow, grow.
      Eventually you'll get them


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        As Alleycatt and skydiver said, you have to plant flowers to gain them. It seems you are doing that, but that it doesn't seem to 'register', as in, it doesn't say 1/3 seeds after you earned one from harvesting flowers. It never does that for me either. The three seeds only count when I harvest three seeds in one go. It doesn't count when I gain one seed from one round of geraniums and then two from the next round. It only counts when I earn three (or more) seeds in one round. I don't know if this is intentional programming or a bug, but it could be the same for you. 'Longer' flowers like lillies tend to reward more seeds than 'quick' ones like geraniums. If you plant lillies in all plots you have, you should be able to get three seeds 'in one round'. (Might depend on your amount of plots.) But when you have some time, you can also just keep planting geraniums; somewhen that'll lead to your goal as well.


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          What GROW CROPS IN VILLAGE????


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            I’m sorry what? Perhaps if you rephrased your question or post a screen cap of the quest.