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What is the quickest way to earn the Resources need to finish all of my Smurfy Wonders?

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  • What is the quickest way to earn the Resources need to finish all of my Smurfy Wonders?

    I have been playing for a while but it seems I can never catch up on the Smurfy Wonders. I have all of the Grove to complete then a couple of them on the Island and Planet Swoof. Is it worth using smurfberries for the resorces that are hard to come by like stardust and seeds. I have 3500 smurfberries but scared I'll blow through them if I try to buy resources. I have no clue how much of a dent that'll make in my smurfberry balance.

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    Hi Tampa I personally don’t find the resource to sb ratio very good.

    The best ways to obtain resources is by having as many smurfs as possible diving on the Island and digging on the Mountain.

    Playing Camper and Archeologist on the Mountain.

    Digging for specific resources via Archeologist on the Planet

    Dusting craters on the planet for stardust,

    Planting as many flowers as possible as often as possible in the Grove for seeds. (For me 9hour lilies twice a day worked quite well, but if you have the time 5min geraniums are the best return)

    Collecting all of Homnibus tomes. (Your sb will be handy for that)

    And even playing all of the mini games regularly can be helpful.


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      Unless you use smurfberries to complete the wonders, each wonder takes a week to for anyone that starts a game it will take you a year or two to catch up.

      On the upside, new updates come every 4 weeks or so, so if you can keep the resources coming in you will catch up eventually.


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        You definitely make a very good point if they have the resources and are building one Wonder at a time.

        But I think iLuvTampa was asking if we think it’s worth spending sb to buy resources, not to speed up the Wonders in progress.

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      I have used Smurf berries to buy resources occasionally. Sometimes it can be worth it if you are having trouble getting one thing in particular. Traveller is a good way to get resources just watching videos.


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        Oh yes, I forgot Traveller is an excellent way to stockpile resources now!!

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      I would rather use 3500 smurfberries for new upcoming (updated) Mystery Mega Box than resources. Getting resource are quite easy if you can visit your village every hour (digging & diving)
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        I agree with Silver: Use the SB for something else. Finishing wonders can take time, but I think spending SB on resources isn't worth it. It's best to go with the suggestions Alleycattt made and Traveller as Tamara said. If you are extremely busy, have no time to play, and are just a handful of resources short and really want to finish a wonder, then go for it. But paying for larger amounts of resources doesn't seem worth it to me.
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          I am tired of constantly being told to buy multi stage constructions......they need too many resources. The rocks dont come fast enough. How do you obtain them; other than miner smurf and the dumb video caravans?

          I am seriously considering discontinuing this game. The original version was better in the fact it did not overload you on resource sucking structures.


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            Well first off you don’t *have* to build the Wonders if you don’t want to. Most people build them because they want the free weekly smurfberries. And because they like the items. But if you do not want to build them you can buy Homnibus’ storage sack from the menu and store them without building them.

            Second if you would like to quickly gain as many resources as possible diving on the Island and digging on the Mountain will make them add up fairly quickly.

            And lastly- I don’t know what “original” version of the game you are talking about. I have been playing Smurfs Village since December 2010 and it is the exact same game. The Wonders have been introduced one update at a time (roughly one every month or two), which gave us plenty of time to build them before the next one was introduced.

            Personally I am very grateful for all of the Wonders and Travelers Caravan (the videos) that give us over 100 smurfberries a week

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            It is very depressing when you’re in the 30’s because as I recall, there is a level where you get about a dozen or more wonders dumped on you in a single level. Quest after quest is to place them and you run out of room in your village - if you’re like me I expanded very slowly so I really had to struggle to find corners to tuck them all into.

            Take a breath and a moment and....well resign yourself that it will take you about a year or more to build them all. Unless you spend berries, even if you have enough resources each wonder takes 6-7 days to build. There are almost 60 of them now so....over a year. So know that you’ll be pacing yourself.

            Miner and Timber give a few resources. Very few. You will want to dig on the mountain, you will want to dive on the island. I’ve found that diving is a much better return on investment than digging. But work your way up to around 100 smurfs - the mountain won’t let you get that high but do what you can. THen as often as you can, dig and dive.

            Each dig and dive takes half an hour. When you get to the planet, work to clear the craters and dig in those craters as often as you can. If you buy sculptor smurf you can dust a crater in 30 minutes. That gets you stardust.

            When you get to the grove, get around 100 smurfs and plant flowers all the time. THat gets you the rare seeds, and you will need a lot of them to expand the grove and every grove wonder ends up needing 40 of each color to be built.

            This is the point in the game where you just have to be patient and plod along and know you have months of work ahead of you and just wait it out. In the mean time you can play other mini games and just maintain your village. The prizes in some of the games give you XP which will allow you to level up faster, and with each level up you get 4 berries so that helps.

            You can also work on HOminbus’ tome and the stuff to get the statues which will give you daily resource rewards. They are small amounts but once you get the statues they are free rewards....all you have to do is collect them.