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Does anyone have a current list of all available Smurfy Wonders as of the version 1.69.0 update?

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  • Does anyone have a current list of all available Smurfy Wonders as of the version 1.69.0 update?

    Just curious if there is a current, updated list of all the Smurfy Wonders and Companion Wonders? I noticed even in the Help document within the game, it seems outdated. I noticed it's missing some Wonders. Just wanted to make sure I have them all, as I'm building them. Checklist would be great. Thanks!

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    Here's a list but It's missing the latest one (1.69.0)


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      Tamara Abbott I took it from the old mysmurfsvillage site. There is a link at post #8 from skydiver118. You will have to ask her for the update though
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    • Tamara Abbott
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      Ok. Thanks

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      Silver skydiver118 I don't know if this is worth anything because I know most people probably have built the mother nature wonder, but as I've been completing it I realized all stages cost the same as the weather machine, gingerbread hut etc, I think the only difference was the stardust. However in the above list it seems to be reflecting the same resources as the younger wonders, like the candy factory and painter smurf's gallery.

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    Hello! There is an article with all the Wonder List?
    I think it should be important to have one, that enlist all.


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    The increase in Stardust needed to complete Wonders about halfway through the updates is A LOT. Now that I've finished all the older ones and have been working on newer Wonders, no wonder I always have 10k+ of all the other resources and like 5 Stardust all the time. Haha, jeez. They should start adding Stardust as something you collect in digs and dives. Please?
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      thank you, that's so useful ! Is it possibile to have this list always in evidence?


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      Hello, once again. Sorry to bump this topic, but I have the same question as before. Is there a place where the complete Smurfy Wonders list is located somewhere? Possibly updated after each new Wonder release? Seems the help list within the game is never updated.

      Pretty sure I've successfully completed all Wonders on Mainland, Island, Swoof and Mountain. I'd be great to have a checklist to be sure. Last up, the Grove!

      Also, would be sooo great if they were separated by area. :P
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        You can also see an updated version of all the Wonders and what area they are from in the Help Menu in the game.

        Edit - Nevermind, I didn't read your whole comment. After I did and went and checked - and you are right it, doesn’t seem like they have been updated since they were added to that menu....... you’d think it would be updated with every update :/
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      • skydiver118
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        I think sometimes they find the same thing with their lists that I thing to make them, another to maintain them

        With testing code and all the other stuff inherent with an update, doing the word processing is probably not high on the list.

        I do make a list with each update - what comes out with each - so I can work on the wonders list. Often it’s just a case of me having an hour or so to sit down, find the files, add to them and edit the post. I use mainly my iPad now and this stuff is a bit easier on my laptop, so that gives me a good reason to procrastinate doing it.

      • AlleycatttSmurf
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        skydiver118 it has always been extremely helpful that you do those lists, because even now that they have started? doing some in the help menu - they still don’t show resource quantities or anything like that.

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      here's a quick up to date list - in order of release, separated by area. basically, a check list for me to see if i've missed anything. hope it comes in handy for others---

      001. old windmill (companion- wheat shed)
      002. watchtower (companion- binoculars)
      003. carousel (companion- test of strength)
      004. mining machine (companion- rock tumbler)
      005. mountain chalet (companion- outdoor fire place)
      006. king smurf castle (companion- smurf jousting game)
      007. sands of time
      008. natural spring
      009. great smurf statue
      010. smurfy dig site
      011. smurfy schoolhouse
      012. smurfy theatre
      013. smurfy colosseum
      014. pet palace
      015. smurfy blimp
      016. smurfeon
      017. smurfette's ice sculpture
      018. the old tower
      019. trojan dragon wonder
      020. papa smurf ice sculpture
      021. dragon idol wonder
      022. academy of smurfy magic
      023. greedy's valentine cake wonder
      024. baby animal paradise
      025. smurfinci’s flying machine
      026. enchanted falls wonder
      027. ski resort wonder

      001. terrarium
      002. cake tower
      003. aquarium
      004. sphinx wonder
      005. starlight tower
      006. space cornucopia
      007. lucky magical space tree
      008. mount swoofmore
      009. chief swoof's hut
      010. swoofy planetarium
      011. smurfy space station
      012. candy factory
      013. brainy's holosmurf projector
      014. great pyramid of emperor swoof
      015. anti-gravity sphere

      ....... papa smurf wood carving
      001. weather machine
      002. mystical great oak tree
      003. spooky mansion
      004. festive tree
      005. barn yard
      006. floral fountain
      007. sloppy smurf's swamp
      008. gingerbread hut wonder
      009. plushie workshop wonder
      010. botanical garden
      011. pumpkin house wonder
      012. smurfy ferris wheel
      013. homnibus' hovel
      014. haunted ruins
      015. greedy's great festive pudding
      016. aerosmurf wonder
      017. the haunted grotto wonder
      018. smurfy snowman wonder
      019. smurfy skating rink wonder
      020. rainbow waterfall
      021. smurfy generations wonder
      022. smurfy galleria
      023. liberty smurfette
      024. halloween feast wonder
      025. smurfy toy factory
      026. tower of descent
      027. bunny sanctuary
      028. crystal quarry

      001. volcano
      002. beach resort
      003. clockwork smurfette's hut
      004. smurfy sand sculpture
      005. water park
      006. zen garden
      007. charming pond
      008. tiki mansion
      009. lighthouse island wonder
      010. spectra's color wheel
      011. smurfy pirate ship wonder
      012. smurfhenge wonder
      013. tai chi garden
      014. outback garden wonder
      015. smurfy reef
      016. demon springs
      017. lunar dragon

      001. mother nature's dwelling
      002. painter smurf's art gallery
      003. jungle pyramid
      004. tree of life
      005. butterfly sanctuary wonder
      006. spitfire's roost
      007. smurfstorm's archery range
      008. spelunking cavern
      009. smurfboard loop-de-loop
      010. smurfling's playhouse
      011. fountain of love wonder
      012. magical giant easter egg
      013. pool of avalon wonder
      014. smurfy hut tree
      015. jungle ruins
      016. giant monster plant
      017. sakura orchard
      018. pot of gold
      019. smurfy lagoon
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        And I updated the wonder list as well


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          thank you!!!!!

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          You are welcome

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        List of smurf wonders

        MAIN VILLAGE 35

        Weather machine

        Mystical great oak tree

        Spooky mansion

        Festive tree

        Barn yard

        Floral fountain

        Papa smurf wood sculpture

        Sloppy smurfs hut

        Gingerbread hut

        Plushie workshop

        Botanical garden

        Pumpkin house

        Smurfy Ferris wheel

        Homnibus’ hoval

        Haunted ruins

        Greedy’s festive pudding


        Haunted grotto

        Smurfy snowman

        Smurfy skating rink

        Rainbow waterfall

        Generations monument

        Smurfy galleria

        Liberty smurfette

        Smurfy Halloween feast

        Smurfy toy factory

        Tower of descent

        Bunny sanctuary

        Crystal quarry

        Smurf go round

        Spooky campfire

        Spooky tower

        Festive feast

        Smurfy chocolate factory

        Easter glow tower

        ISLAND 20


        Beach resort

        Clockwork smurfette

        Smurfy sand sculpture

        Water park

        Zen garden

        Charming pond

        Tiki mansion

        Lighthouse island

        Spectra’s colorwheel

        Smurfy pirate ship


        Tai-chi garden

        Outback garden

        Smurfy reef

        Demon springs

        Lunar dragon

        Smurfy pool

        Treasure island

        Lantern festive

        SWOOF PLANET 16


        Cake tower

        Aquarium ( gives 2 berries)

        The Sphinx

        Starlight tower


        Lucky magical tree

        Mount swoofmore

        Chief swoof’s hut


        Space station

        Candy factory

        Brainy’s holosmurf

        Great pyramid of emporer smurf

        Anti gravity sphere

        Smurfy lava dragon

        MOUNTAIN 30


        Watch tower


        Mining machine


        King Smurf’s castle ( gives 2 berries)

        Sands of time

        Natural spring

        Great smurf statue

        Dig site

        Smurfy schoolhouse

        Smurfy theater

        Smurfy colosseum

        Pet palace

        Smurfy blimp


        Smurfettes ice sculpture

        Old tower

        Trojan dragon

        Papa smurf ice sculpture

        Dragon idol

        Academy of smurfy magic

        Greedy’s valentines cake

        Babys animal paradise

        Smurfy ski resort

        The tubing wonder

        Smurfs of the round table

        Enchanted falls

        Smufinci’s flying machine

        Fiery Phoenix

        GROVE 21

        Mother nature’s dwelling

        Painter Smurfs’s art gallery

        Jungle pyramid

        Tree of life

        Butterfly sanctuary

        Spitfires roost ( no longer available)

        Smurfstorms archery range

        Spelunking cavern

        Smurfboard loop de loop

        Smurflings playhouse

        Fountain of love

        Magical giant Easter egg

        Pool of Avalon

        Smurfy hut tree

        Jungle ruins

        Giant monster plant

        Sakura orchard

        Pot of gold

        Smurfy lagoon

        Jungle swamp

        Mother natures garden

        Total 122
        Updated with newest grove wonder


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          A related question… does anyone have a list of Smurfy Wonders with special features beyond the 1 SB/week? I’ve built the Weather Machine and that allows you to change the weather of MV, which is kinda cool. I’ve placed most of the Wonders in all areas, but trying to be selective with which ones to use my valuable/limited resources to build. Would be helpful to know which Smurfy Wonders do more than just sit there. TY.


          • Racoon
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            PatriotSmurf Sands of Time in the mountain lets you have a time boost for mountain crops and digs (Only working for mountain)