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Should I spend most of my coins on weather vanes?

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  • Should I spend most of my coins on weather vanes?

    I’m currently on level 35 and just completed my first Smurfy wonder (the Windmill). I’ve heard a lot of people refer to the 30-50ish level period as super grindy, since the resource production can’t keep up with the Smurfy wonder demands. Would it be advantageous of me to ignore craters and dives and focus on purchasing loads of weather vanes to get through these levels faster? In my mind, at level 60 or so, I’ll have over 100 smurfs, making my golden corn go farther everyday. Thus my coin problem will (hopefully) be solved. Is this the best option, or should I continue with the dives and digs, ignoring xp for the most part?


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    Personally I would make sure you have all the craters and continually build up stardust. And keep collecting resources. Eventually coins don't become an issue anyway. Weather vanes will get you to progress through the levels faster but you will still need resources 💜


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      It really depends on how you want to play the game. Some people want all the Wonders, and resources are crucial to build them. I only build the Wonders that I love.

      The second game that I started, I ignored building the wonders and leveled up as fast as possible- it seemed to work for me. I got to level 60 fairly quickly. I didn’t buy lots of weather vanes, either, but that is a personal preference. I just planted high XP items and made sure I spent my SBs on crucial things like Farmer, the XP collectors, and games where you can earn A LOT of XP very quickly: Nanny Smurf’s game on the island is really good for that. I upgraded every hut with the coin upgrade to get more fields.

      I didn’t buy the expensive huts on the mountain and only enough Smurf huts on planet so I could do the expansions and get the craters. When you get the craters, you can use the stardust to build wonders, OR you can use it to plant Nat Smurfling’s trees on the mountain which are really great XP yielders! I did buy Swoof huts, because their shrubs yield fairly well. I got the Garden Shop as soon as I could because it opens the cauliflower and chili pepper crops, which are both good XP and coin yielders.

      Have you read through this topic- it is very helpful:

      Hope this helps a bit.
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        I would second the recommendation to go for resources. You’ll level up as you do. I started my third game in October, and here it is august and i’m In the 80’s.

        Focus on the planet, get all 12 craters open and dig as often as you can. I did that and honestly have no stardust shortage at all. I also focused on the non-SD requiring wonders first which also helped.

        Then dive. Have as many smurfs on the island as you can and dive as often as you can.

        To get coins watch traveler’s ads. You’ll win a few thousand at a time and the next thing you know you’ll have over a million and be just fine.