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Why am I seeing "Sorry! Error: This save game is either corrupted or incompatible with the current version of the game." message when trying to visit and gift some of my friends?

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  • Why am I seeing "Sorry! Error: This save game is either corrupted or incompatible with the current version of the game." message when trying to visit and gift some of my friends?

    Ok. Need some helpful advice here a.s.a.p!! Just went to visit & give gifts to my Village Friends... And from ALL on my Friends List that I went threw.. I got "Corrupt or Not Compatible" saying (something like that I will add screenshot of this) 24 of these I got on my Friends List! And 8 of them are the ones I Regularly get & send Gifts too!! Please tell me what's going on here??? I have ran into the ones that say can't give gifts friend needs to update.. ok I get that.. but Corrupt/Not Compatible?? Um.. ok!?!

    And I even checked to see if I myself needed to have an update, but nope I'm all good on that.. and I had also noticed that I was Missing round about maybe 10 Friends (give or take couple) where did those go?? And also I had noticed that when I start visiting & gifting on my List (I start at the bottom & work up) I will visit someone and then continue Working up the list and come across a friend that I had Already Visited but it was a lot lower toward the bottom when I did visit them! Why is that happening?? Makes me Abit confused over that

    Hoping with Smurfy Fingers Crossed Someone will Have some answers or some Good Logic for all this.


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    Chances are you’re fine. I’ve experienced that message when I’ve tried to visit a few people that I think beta test the game....they are allowed to download the update early and have about a week to play and find any bugs before the rest of the world gets it. You are forbidden to enter their village because the developers do not want you to see elements of the new update.

    And after an update goes public, when a player updates the main bongfish server - which keeps track of who’s on what level/version of the game as well as backing up your game, needs time to update its files to know a person has updates.

    Basically it can take a day or three after an update for the Bongfish server to know people have updated and are on the same version of the game (and seem even longer because of world wide time zones).

    If you’re concerned you can fill out a trouble ticket with Bongfish, but before you do that I’d give it a day or two. If i still hasn’t resolved by then then there may be an issue. I’m not sure if it’s been fixed overnight but I recall reading yesterday that only iOS players got the update and Android players are still waiting, so that may also account for some of the issues.


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      Kariberi this is very common after every update. This just means your friends haven’t updated yet, or their game hasn’t cloud saved.

      No need to worry, this should be fine once all your friends update.


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        Thank you both! I really wish there was a way to tell with each neighbor that if you have already been there or something like that and also wish there was like a little msg board for each friends village stating what they need or would like to have for gifts & that you could leave a note/msg on there also for them. That would be geniusly cool.