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Why was my comment containing criticism towards the Pink Swan Pond removed?

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  • Why was my comment containing criticism towards the Pink Swan Pond removed?

    LOL!!!! All the comments about how ridiculous are popreach designs and everything people writed complaining or just commenting been delated LOL do you guys know we’re not idiot? We remember those comments and those texts people wrote here, I wont spend a single euro on those horrible pink swans (swrimps) or any other **** related, like that horrible tree etc hahahaha so sad you have to keep delating comments, this community is so kind, keep playing with us, and youll fall forever

    Reason for editing: Profanity Removed - Spelling Bee

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    kevinv90 If you would like to share your feedback (both positive and negative) on update contents, please do so in the actual update topic. As a general rule, the only comments that are outright removed by myself or the other moderators are those that are offensive, contain profanity, serve no other purpose than to disrupt the community, or are made in the wrong section of the forum. The comment that you made pertaining to the Pink Swan Pond was in the Exclusive Offer Topic. The very first post in that topic clearly states:

    Discussion in this topic is for listing new Exclusive Offers only, and their relevant information. All other comments are subject to removal. Please do not add any expired Exclusive Offers that have previously appeared unless it is repeating again.
    You made the accusation that either I or the other moderators "keep deleting comments", but other than this particular instance, I am unaware of any similar recent incident. If you have specific information to share regarding a comment made by you, or anyone else that was removed, please elucidate me.

    Lastly, a screenshot was made of your particular comment. It will be shared below to illustrate that there is nothing to hide. All that has ever been asked since this community forum's inception is that if you or any other member are going to have negative feedback, please do it in a constructive, and helpful manner. That way, the developers (whoever they may be at the time) can use said feedback to help improve things. Making unhelpful, snide, and belittling comments only serve to breed further discord and malcontent. None of which are beneficial to this community, and are the exact opposite of what everyone comes here for.


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      kevinv90 I have seen several CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM posts about the latest update items - and NONE of them deleted.

      Your comment was just rude. And totally unnecessary.

      Also, I think we all need to remember that PopReach has released ONE unassisted update since taking over. How about we give them some time to settle in before passing such harsh judgements.