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What is (or was) Reporter Smurf's gift today (or yesterday, or a specific date)?

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  • What is (or was) Reporter Smurf's gift today (or yesterday, or a specific date)?

    I tried to make the title inclusive, since someone has asked before and I could have added on, but the title specifically stated December 31st , 2018! This way if someone has the same question, they could ask in the future here, for any day.
    Anyway, I was going to place today's gift but I don't really know what it is or where it's usually available, so I was wondering if someone could tell me. It's like a little scaffolding with a balcony where it looks like Smurfette should stand, because she's painted on the backdrop, and there's an admiring Smurf in maybe a Shakespearean outfit in front of the balcony with a rose. A kind of Romeo and Juliet scene. I thought maybe it was on the Mountain, to go with her tower, or in the MV, but I don't see it either place. I'm terrible at finding things, so I thought maybe someone else just knows. Thank you thank you, and Happy Valentine's Day! 💗😘

    P.S. If it helps, it can only be placed in the Main Village, on the Mountain, or in The Grove.
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    Hi nycblueblue today’s gift is Romeo Smurf (I think he’s acting in a play). I placed mine on my Mountain since we have the Playhouse Wonder there, but it fits anywhere


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      No nycblueblue stationary characters and “tap to move” characters thankfully do not count towards our character limits😅😅😅

    • nycblueblue
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      I don't know why this notification just showed up for me, but thanks for your response! So if you get a horse or a llama, they don't count toward a character limit, just animals who always move, like snails and caterpillars?

    • Cupcake
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      nycblueblue There are also special Smurfs who move constantly that don’t count. Snails, caterpillars, and the creatures hatched from eggs in space, as well as the Swoofs, all count towards the character limit.

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    Doh! I found it! Honestly, I was looking for like half an hour! It's Romeo Smurf. I was looking in Structures, Furniture, and Garden, but after I wrote the description here, I thought I should look in Characters, and there he was. Thanks anyway! ☺


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      Romeo Smurf is so cute. Personally, I have a hard time choosing something from all the Smurfs out there. I actually thought of an idea that could be so nice in the future. So, basically, I saw online this company that creates original handmade custom bobbleheads. You just send them a photo of anyone, you, your friends, or in this case a photo of a particular Smurf. Then, they just do their magic and create this small piece, kind of like a doll, that would look exactly like the Smurf, but with the exterior of a person. I think this a very unique idea, and most of us didn’t even know it could be possible to create something like this.
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