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Will we be getting a Sneak Peek of the soon to be released version 1.93.0 update?

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  • Will we be getting a Sneak Peek of the soon to be released version 1.93.0 update?

    PopReach Don’t we get a Sneak Peek at the contents of the upcoming Easter update?
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    Spelling Bee Yes please may we have a sneak preview, the suspense is high as usual, and it helps keep all of us in self isolation entertained🙏❤️


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      One thing we gotta remember, these guys are working from home too. And just how much you can do depends on what you have on the computer you have or your ability to get data back and forth.


      • Morning Sky
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        You can also write a Sneak Peek from home and screenshots from the current test version should not be a problem. I'm afraid the nice tradition that Beeline and Bongfish have practiced, where we got teasers with every update, is over. Even the current version was suddenly available in the shop without much notice.

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      Oh well.....maybe someone will take pity on us and post a teaser today🙏🙏😄🥚🥚🐇🐇


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        asmurf Morning Sky skydiver118 Just to confirm, the version 1.93.0 update will not get a sneak peek. This was due to several reasons, some of which can be contributed to the ongoing disruption caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic, and some due to the finalization of the update's content. PopReach QA and the Beta Testers have been going through it and it could arrive as early as today, which again shows that this is not a typical release as updates are usually released on Thursday.

        Morning Sky I'd like to also say that you have absolutely no idea what goes on behind the scenes. What you personally may think should not be a problem, isn't always that easy, nor possible for reasons unknown to you. In these unprecedented times and with the current global situation, you cannot complain if things are not the same as they were previously. So please, try and focus on the positives, and be thankful that the updates are still even happening at this point as many studios have been temporarily shut down. Instead of complaining, say you hope everyone is staying safe, and we are all following proper Covid-19 procedures to ensure the world can all get back to some semblance of normalcy soon.