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Where can I find the Wonders?

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  • Where can I find the Wonders?

    I'm currently level 22 and attempting to get Grandpa Cystral Statue from Homnbinus' Tome, ive collected the tie stand and the tools shed but cannot find the Smurfy Generations Wonder. It says it's in structures, but I've checked multiple times and I can not find it. Am I doing something wrong? Is my level too low? Please help me find this mysterious Staue Wonder thingo.
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    Poopysmurf the Wonders have their own section in the menu, it would not be in the structures area. The menu was changed and updated a while back and this text must not have been updated.


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      If you poke around in the menu there are still a handful here and there that didn’t quite make it into the wonders menu.

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    Here is a pic pic of the wonders menu. You can also tell where a quest item is because the image of Papa (or whoever) will appear next to the menu and the items.

    Click image for larger version

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      Thank you everyone💗🐦